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War, Memory, and the Politics of Humor: The Canard Enchaîné and World War I

Okładka książki: War, Memory, and the Politics of Humor

War, Memory, and the Politics of Humor: The Canard Enchaîné and World War I  / Allen Douglas, University of California Press (May 31, 2002), ISBN-13: 978-0520228764

War, Memory, and the Politics of Humor features carnage and cannibalism, gender and cross-dressing, drunks and heroes, militarism and memory, all set against the background of World War I France. Allen Douglas shows how a new satiric weekly, the Canard Enchaîné, exploited these topics and others to become one of France's most influential voices of reaction to the Great War. The Canard, still published today, is France's leading satiric newspaper and the most successful periodical of the twentieth century, and Douglas colorfully illuminates the mechanisms of its unique style. Following the Canard from its birth in 1915 to the eve of the Great Depression, the narrative reveals a heady mix of word play, word games, and cartoons. Over the years the journal--generally leftist, specifically antimilitarist and anti-imperialist--aimed its shots in all directions, using some stereotypes the twenty-first century might find unacceptable. But Douglas calls its humor an affirmation of life, and as such the most effective antidote to war. Description from Amazon.

War, Memory, and the Politics of Humor: spis treści


The End of Memory: Remembering Rightly in a Violent World

Okładka książki: The End of Memory

The End of Memory: Remembering Rightly in a Violent World / Miroslav Volf, William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company (November 2006), ISBN-13: 978-0802829894

Can one forget atrocities? Should one forgive abusers? Ought we not hope for the final reconciliation of all the wronged and all wrongdoers alike, even if it means spending eternity with perpetrators of evil? We live in an age when it is generally accepted that past wrongs - genocides, terrorist attacks, bald personal injustices - should be constantly remembered. But Miroslav Volf here proposes the radical idea that letting go of such memories - after a certain point and under certain conditions - may actually be the appropriate course of action. While agreeing with the claim that to remember a wrongdoing is to struggle against it, Volf notes that there are too many ways to remember wrongly, perpetuating the evil committed rather than guarding against it. In this way, the just sword of memory often severs the very good it seeks to defend. He argues that remembering rightly has implications not only for the individual but also for the wrongdoer and for the larger community. Volfs personal stories of persecution offer a compelling backdrop for his search for theological resources to make memories a wellspring of healing rather than a source of deepening pain and animosity. Controversial, thoughtful, and incisively reasoned, The End of Memory begins a conversation hard to ignore. Description from Amazon.

The End of Memory: spis treści


The Anatomy of Despondency: European Socio-Cultural Criticism 1789-1939

Okładka książki: The Anatomy of Despondency

The Anatomy of Despondency: European Socio-Cultural Criticism 1789-1939 / Jaap Harskamp, Brill, ISBN13: 9789004194038

Socio-cultural criticism is the continuous assessment and evaluation of developments within democratic society and hence a vital ingredient of democracy itself. Departing from the French Revolution, this study focuses upon a tradition of European criticism. On the whole, critics accepted that technological advance was irreversible but they opposed the assumption that this implied general progress. Instead, they stressed the negatives: class conflict, erosion of tradition, mechanization of life, fragmentation of society, loss of cultural differentiation. The approach is exclusively text-… read moreorientated. The result is a multi-coloured mosaic depicting an image of what has moved, confused or dismayed the European mind over a period of a century and a half. The intensity of concern has shaped our contemporary thought, awareness and outlook. From Brill Publications.

The Anatomy of Despondency: spis treści


Learning and the Market Place: Essays in the History of the Early Modern Book

Okładka książki: Learning and the Market Place

Learning and the Market Place: Essays in the History of the Early Modern Book / Ian Maclean, Brill, ISBN13: 9789004175501

This collection of essays examines the operation of the market for learned books in Early Modern Europe through a series of case studies. After an overview of general market conditions, issues raised by the transmission of knowledge and the economics of the book trade are addressed. These include the selection of copy, the role of legal and religious controls in the production and diffusion of texts, the paths open to authors to achieve publication, the finances and interaction of publishing houses, the margins of the European book trade in England and Portugal, and the development of … read morebibliographical tools to assist purchasers in their pursuit of scholarly works. From Brill Publications.

Learning and the Market Place: spis treści


The Power of Fantasy - Modern and Contemporary Art from Poland

Okładka książki: The Power of Fantasy - Modern and Contemporary Art from Poland

The Power of Fantasy - Modern and Contemporary Art from Poland. Ed. by David Crowley, Zofia Machnicka and Andrzej Szczerski. Munich-London-New York. Prestel, 2011. ISBN 978-3-7913-5145-2.

“The Power of Fantasy places contemporary art from Poland in the context of deeply-set themes in Polish culture. The fantastic and the magical, the mad and the absurd have been powerful forces in a country which has been in the eye of the storm of history. Often sharply critical of the changing world in which they live, Polish artist today continue to sustain a long tradition of dissent and scrutiny. For the present generation, like others before then, fantasy has been a way not of escaping reality but of challenging it.”

The Power of Fantasy - Modern and Contemporary Art from Poland: spis treści


Jacob van Ruisdael: Windmills and Water Mills

Okładka książki: Jacob van Ruisdael: Windmills and Water Mills

Seymour Slive. Jacob van Ruisdael: Windmills and Water Mills. Los Angeles. Getty Publications, 2011. ISBN 978-1- 60606-055-1.

“Today’s art market rarely offers Ruisdael’s works and when it does the normally fetch astronomical process that are far beyond the reach of most mortals. Non-buyers of our time have a consolation, however. It is the enormous pleasure of enjoying them in our public museums and collections, in fine color reproductions, and in illustrated books. No matter where they are viewed, I hope readers will see some that will enable them to say they understand why the English landscapists John Constable wrote to his best friend on the very day he saw a Ruisdael water mill in a London dealer’s shop: “It haunts my mind and clings to my heart.”

Jacob van Ruisdael: Windmills and Water Mills: spis treści


Picturing Art History: The Rise of the Illustrated History of Art in the Eighteenth Century

Okładka książki: Picturing Art History

Ingrid R. Vermeulen. Picturing Art History: The Rise of the Illustrated History of Art in the Eighteenth Century. Amsterdam University Press, 2010. ISBN 978-90-8964-031-4.

“Today’s book buyer takes for granted that art books will be illustrated with quality full-color reproductions of famous masterpieces. Yet, it was only in the eighteenth century that they began to be illustrated for the first time. In Picturing Art History, Ingrid R. Vermeulen investigates the role that illustrations played in the emergence on the field of art history, arguing that the use of prints and drawings collections by such scholars as Giovanni Bottari, Johann Winckelmann and Jean-Baptiste Seroux d’Agincourt was inextricably bound up with the belief that the artistic past should not be pictured as a history of artists, but as a history of art.”

Picturing Art History: spis treści


Ilya Repin

Okładka książki: Ilya Repin

Grigori Sternin and Jelena Kirilina. Ilya Repin. New York. Parkstone Press International, 2011. ISBN 978-1-84484-916- 1.

“Ilya Repin enjoyed more fame and recognition during his lifetime than any other Russian artist born in the nineteenth century. Repin’s position in the world of pictorial art was comparable to that of Leo Tolstoy in the world of letters. For twenty-five years, every new picture by Repin was awaited with bated breath, and the publication of his essays, especially those written at the turn of the century, always caused a stir in the cultural life of the country.”


The Oxford Handbook of Modernisms

Okładka książki: The Oxford Handbook of Modernisms

The Oxford Handbook of Modernisms. Edited by Peter Brooker, Andrzej Gąsiorek, Deborah Longworth, Andrew Thacker. Oxford University Press, 2010. ISBN 978-0-19- 954544-5

“The Oxford Handbook of Modernisms situates literary modernisms and modernist arts in a series of unfolding relations with mass society and popular culture in both national and transnational settings. An unparalleled resource containing over fifty specially commissioned essays, the Handbook updates and extends the scope and depth of previous synoptic guides, bringing together new approaches to the more obvious themes of modernist studies as well as new research on the variety of cultural, aesthetic and geographical factors that were intrinsic to the creation of modernism[…]”

The Oxford Handbook of Modernisms: spis treści


Forgotten Pioneer of Psychoanalysis

Okładka książki: Forgotten Pioneer of  Psychoanalysis

Sabina Spielrein: Forgotten Pioneer of  Psychoanalysis. Ed. by Coline Covington and Barbara Wharton. Brunner-Routledge 2003. ISBN 1-58391-903-1

“Sabina Spielrein is perhaps best known for her love affair with her doctor Carl Gustav Jung. Their intense therapeutic relationship led to a mutual fascination that lasted, for Spielrein, for the the rest of her life. It is debatable whether Spielrein and Jung’s relationship was consummated, but it did give birth to some of the most important ideas within psychoanalysis and analytical psychology today, the most notable being that of the death instinct. But what happened to Spielrein and why have her story and work remained in the dark for so many years?
This collection of papers has been drawn together as a tribute to Spielrein and as an attempt to answer this question and shed new light on different aspects of her life and work. Compelling historical documents, some never seen before in English book form, and exploration of Spielrein’s life and work are presented through discussion. “

Forgotten Pioneer of Psychoanalysis: spis treści


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