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The art of the printmaker 1500-1860

Okładka książki: The art of the printmaker 1500-1860

The art of the printmaker 1500-1860 / Roger Baynton-Williams, London : A & C Black, 2009, ISBN:1408112663, 9781408112663

"This book looks at the history of Art Printing from 1550 until 1860. The cut-off date of 1860 reflects the point where the point printmaking was becoming much more mechanical as opposed to being done mostly by hand.

The Art of the Printmaker, in a highly visual manner, looks at the various printmaking techniques, explaining the processes and showing samples of the work done in the method. Each chapter has introductory information about the specific technique, but most of the story is told through the images and their detailed captions. The resuslt is a beautiful book that clearly explains the processes and shows the fantastic results achieved by early printers"

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On Location: Cities of the World in Film

Okładka książki: On Location: Cities of the World in Film

On Location: Cities of the World in Film by Claudia Hellmann, Bucher, ISBN:9783765815850

"Many movies are synonymous with the locations where they were filmed. On Location is a lighthearted, round-the-world tour of famous movies so you, too, can go ?on location.? Exact addresses, review-style essays and city maps take you there, whether on a Harry Potter tour of London, a Breakfast at Tiffany's trip to New York, or a jaunt to the Rome nightclub where Matt Damon and Jude Law partied in The Talented Mr. Ripley. This richly illustrated volume with a foreword by director Wim Wenders presents 18 cities and their world-famous films: from Los Angeles to Paris, Beijing, Sydney, Prague, Berlin and much more. A peek behind the scenes of numerous famous locations."
Powell's Books

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The Secret Language of Art

Okładka książki: The Secret Language of Art

The Secret Language of Art: The Illustrated Decoder of Symbols and Figures in Western Painting, Sarah Carr-Gomm, Duncan Baird Publishers, November 2009, ISBN 13: 9781844838592 ISBN 10: 1844838595

"It is easy to admire the beauty of great works of art, but more difficult to understand the precise significance, which is disguised in symbols. "The Secret Language of Art" provides the key. It is divided by theme into five chapters, including: Classic Myth and Legend; The Bible and the Life of Christ; Saints and their Miracles; History; and, Literature and the Arts. Each chapter opens with a collection on some of the most famous paintings, each accompanied by an illuminating commentary and an analysis of its most significant figures and symbols. The second part of each chapter comprises of a thematic directory to figures and symbols and interspersed with illustrated feature panels - it is the ideal companion for all art lovers, gallery goers and students of art history."

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Kafka's Last Love: The Mystery of Dora Diamant

Okładka książki: Kafka's Last Love

Kafka's Last Love: The Mystery of Dora Diamant, Kathi Diamant, Secker & Warburg, ISBN 9780436209956

"[Author Kathi] Diamant found her life's work after a literature professor asked her if she was related to Dora Diamant, Kafka's last love. Currently the director of the Kafka Project at San Diego State University, Kathi has performed a demanding and heroic act of literary sleuthing to piece together Dora's remarkable story. A bright and intrepid Polish Jewish refugee who fled her Orthodox family, she met Kafka by the Baltic Sea, and it was love at first sight, although Kafka was already gravely ill.... Dora found sanctuary in England, but she never stopped thinking about Kafka, her one true love, and never stopped mourning the loss of her secret cache of his writings. Confiscated by the Gestapo, they may never be recovered, but Kathi's reclaiming of Dora Diamant's extraordinary spirit has brought many other treasures to light." - Booklist (starred review)

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Futurism: An Anthology

Okładka książki: Futurism: An Anthology

Futurism: An Anthology , eds. Rainey, Lawrence, Christine Poggi, and Laura Wittman, Publisher: Yale Univ. Press, 2009, ISBN: 9780300088755

"Published to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the founding of Futurism, this is the most complete anthology of Futurist manifestos, poems, plays, and images ever to bepublished in English, spanning from 1909 to 1944. Now, amidst another era of unprecedented technological change and cultural crisis, is a pivotal moment to reevaluate Futurism and its haunting legacy for Western civilization."
Yale Univ. Press

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A Companion to the Philosophy of Literature

Okładka książki: A Companion to the Philosophy of Literature

A Companion to the Philosophy of Literature, Garry L. Hagberg (Editor), Walter Jost (Editor), January 2010, Wiley-Blackwell, ISBN: 978-1-4051-4170-3

"This diverse collection of essays represents the most recent critical thinking concerning the philosophical study of literature. Contributed by an international team of eminent scholars drawn from the fields of both literature and philosophy, the great majority of essays are newly commissioned for this volume, supplemented by a few indispensable works of recent scholarship. All are rich in literary examples and analytical precision. For ease of course use, the essays are helpfully grouped within the major subdivisions of the field, among them ‘Relations Between Philosophy and Literature’, ‘Emotional Engagement and the Experience of Reading’, ‘Literature and the Moral Life’, and ‘Literary Language' "
Blackwell Reference Online

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DNA and Biotechnology

Okładka książki: DNA and Biotechnology

DNA and Biotechnology By Molly Fitzgerald-Hayes, Frieda Reichsman, Elsevier LTD, Oxford, ISBN: 0120489309

"Appropriate for a wide range of disciplines, from biology to non-biology, law and nursing majors, DNA and Biotechnology uses a straightforward and comprehensive writing style that gives the educated layperson a survey of DNA by presenting a brief history of genetics, a clear outline of techniques that are in use, and highlights of breakthroughs in hot topic scientific discoveries." CardioText

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Salon to Biennial - Exhibitions That Made Art History

Okładka książki : Salon to Biennial - Exhibitions That Made Art History

Salon to Biennial - Exhibitions That Made Art History, Volume 1: 1863-1959, by Bruce Altshuler, Phaidon Press, ISBN:9780714844053

This volume documents 24 of the most groundbreaking international exhibitions from 1863 to 1958. Beginning with the seminal "Salon des Refusés" (Paris, 1863), it spans all the key art movements of the first half of the 20th century, from Fauvism (“Salon d’Automne,” 1905) to Cubism (“Salon de la Section d’Or,” 1912), Surrealism (“Art of This Century,” 1942; “First Papers of Surrealism,” 1942) and Abstract Expressionism (“Ninth Street Show,” 1951; “New American Painting,” 1958) and more. It also features the “Armory Show” of 1913 and Hitler’s infamous “Degenerate Art” exhibition of 1937.



Oxford Dictionary of Quotations

Okładka książki : Oxford Dictionary Quotations

Oxford Dictionary of Quotations by Elizabeth Knowles, Oxford University Press, USA, ISBN:9780199237173

This new edition is a paradise of over 20,000 quotations for all occasions, comprehensively indexed by keyword. Whether you lean towards the words of Jane Austen: Think only of the past as its remembrance gives you pleasure, or the advice of Paris Hilton: Dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in, the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations provides the ultimate answer to the questions Who said that? and What's been said about this? Drawing on Oxford's unrivalled dictionary research program and unique language monitoring, this Seventh Edition offers almost a thousand new quotations, from over 500 authors. These include classic quotations from established names for which new evidence of current usage has been found as well as earlier quotations used by well-known literary authors from around the English-speaking world, ranging from the maxim of Confucius for a ruler, If you desire what is good, the people will be good (quoted by Thoreau), and the view of the Stoic philosopher Epictetus that Not things, but opinions about things, trouble men (Laurence Sterne).

Publisher Comments                                      

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Gravitation. Foundations and Frontiers

Okładka książki : Gravitation. Foundations and Frontiers

T. Padmanabhan. Gravitation. Foundations and Frontiers. Cambridge, 2010. ISBN 9780521882231

“Covering all aspects of gravitation in a contemporary style, this advanced textbook is ideal for graduate students and researchers in all areas of theoretical physics.”
“The modular structure of the book allows different sections to be combined to suit a variety of courses. More than 225 exercises are included to test and develop the reader’s understanding. There are also over 30 projects to help readers make the translation from the book to their own original research.”


Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences

Okładka książki : Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences

Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences. Ed. Marcia J. Bates, Mary Niles Maack, Third Edition. Vol. 1-7. CRC Press, ISBN 9780849397127

Vol. 1: Academic-Catalogs
Vol. 2: CD-ROM – Domain
Vol. 3: Dublin – Information Library
Vol. 4: Information Management-Lesbian
Vol. 5: Libraries – Organizational
Vol. 6: Pacific – Sociology
Vol. 7: Software – Zoological

“Marcia J. Bates’ expertise is in user-centered design of information systems, organization of knowledge, and information-seeking behavior. She is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and is one of the most widely cited scholars in information studies.
Mary Niles Maack’s research and teaching expertise includes public libraries, book and library history, and historical and comparative research. She has been a Fulbright scholar in France and has taught and conducted research in a number of African and European countries.”


Mahler. A Musical Physiognomy

Okładka książki : Mahler. A Musical  Physiognomy

Theodor W. Adorno. Mahler. A Musical  Physiognomy. Translated by Edmund Jephcott. The University of Chicago Press, 1996. ISBN 0226007693

“Theodor W. Adorno goes beyond conventional thematic analysis to gain a more complete understanding of Mahler’s music through his character, his social and philosophical background, and his moment in musical theory. Adorno examines the composer’s works as a continuous and unified  development that began with his childhood response to the marches and folk tunes of his native Bohemia.”

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Problems and Theorems in Classical Set Theory

Okładka książki : Problems and Theorems in Classical Set Theory

Péter Komjáth, Vilmos Totik. Problems and Theorems in Classical Set Theory. Springer Science+Business Media, 2006. ISBN 038730293X, ISBN 9780387302935

“In this volume we offer a collection of various problems in set theory. Most of classical set theory is covered, classical in the sense that independence methods are not used, but classical also in the same period, say, 1920-1970. Many problems are also related  to other fields of mathematics such as algebra, combinatorics, topology, and real analysis.”


Hydrogen and Syngas Production and Purification Technologies

Okładka książki : Hydrogen and Syngas Production and Purification Technologies

Hydrogen and Syngas Production and Purification Technologies. Edited by Ke Liu, Chushan Song, Velu Subramani. A John Wiley & Sons, 2010. ISBN 9780471719755

“The authors describe how to produce syngas and hydrogen from a wide range of feedstocks, along with the chemistry, catalysis, kinetics, and thermodynamics of the reactions involved and engineering of the processes.
This book serves as an essential resource to both academic and industrial readers involved in R&D in chemical, oil, and energy industries. All readers of this reference book will acquire the fundamental aspects of the new directions in the energy industry with syngas and hydrogen-based fuels.”



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