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Higher Topos Theory

Okładka książki : Higher Topos Theory

Jacob Lurie: Higher Topos Theory. Princeton University Press 2009. - ISBN 9780691140490

Higher category theory is generally regarded as technical and forbidding, but part of it is considerably more tractable: the theory of infinity-categories, higher categories in which all higher morphisms are assumed to be invertible. In Higher Topos Theory, Jacob Lurie presents the foundations of this theory, using the language of weak Kan complexes introduced by Boardman and Vogt, and shows how existing theorems in algebraic topology can be reformulated and generalized in the theory's new language. The result is a powerful theory with applications in many areas of mathematics.

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The Psychological Mystique

Okładka książki : The Psychological Mystique 
Stewart Justman: The Psychological Mystique. Northwestern University Press 1998. - ISBN 9780810116016

This text weighs the influence of psychology on culture, traces the therapeutic model to its roots, and examines the connection between psychology and the marketing of goods and ideas. The author finds that the influence of psychology has saturated contemporary life both public and private. The book tracks the expansion of the therapeutic project from its beginnings in Locke and considers reflections on and of psychology in a number of authors, including Orwell, Conrad and Dostoevsky.

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Geometric Mechanics and Symmetry: From Finite to Infinite Dimensions

Okładka książki : Geometric Mechanics and Symmetry

Darryl D. Holm : Tanya Schmah, Cristina Stoica: Geometric Mechanics and Symmetry: From Finite to Infinite Dimensions. Oxford University Press 2009. - ISBN 9780199212910

Geometric Mechanics and Symmetry is a friendly and fast-paced introduction to the geometric approach to classical mechanics, suitable for a one- or two- semester course for beginning graduate students or advanced undergraduates. It fills a gap between traditional classical mechanics texts and advanced modern mathematical treatments of the subject. After a summary of the necessary elements of calculus on smooth manifolds and basic Lie group theory, the main body of the text considers how symmetry reduction of Hamilton's principle allows one to derive and analyze the Euler-Poincare equations for dynamics on Lie groups.

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Quasi-Invariant and Pseudo-Differentiable Measures in Banach Spaces

Okłądka książki : Quasi-Invariant and Pseudo-Differentiable Measures...

Sergey Ludkovsky: Quasi-Invariant and Pseudo-Differentiable Measures in Banach Spaces. Nova Science Publishers 2009. - ISBN 9781606927342

This book is devoted to new results of investigations of non- Archimedean functional analysis, which is becoming more important nowadays due to the development of non-Archimedean mathematical physics, particularly, quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, theory of super-strings and super-gravity. Recently non-Archimedean analysis was found to be useful in dynamical systems, mathematical biology, mathematical psychology, cryptology and information theory. On the other hand, quantum mechanics is based on measure theory and probability theory. The results of this book published mainly in papers have served for investigations of non-Archimedean stochastic processes.

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A New Arabic Grammar of the Written Language

Okładka książki : A New Arabic Grammar of the Written Language

J.A. Haywood, H.M. Nahmad: A New Arabic Grammar of the Written Language. Lund Humphries Publisher 2009. - ISBN 9780853315858

The essential study guide to Arabic grammar. A true classic in the field. In addition to Qur'an selections, fables, stories, newspaper extracts, letters, and excerpts from classical and modern Arabic writings are included. The book contains 52 chapters with a vocabulary of over 4,000 words. It will serve as a basis for further and deeper study of this classical language and its literature; at the same time it will help to form a good foundation for those who wish to concentrate on the modern written language of literature and the daily press. This is above all a practical grammar. It is meant for the beginner who is not familiar with the peculiarities of the Semetic languages. Nevertheless, it is comprehensive enough for most students' needs in the first two or three years of study.

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Concise Encyclopedia of Pragmatics

Okładka książki : Concise Encyclopedia of Pragmatics

Concise Encyclopedia of Pragmatics, Second Edition. Ed. Jacob L. Mey. Elsevier Science 2009. - ISBN 978-0080962979

Concise Encyclopedia of Pragmatics (COPE) 2nd edition is an authoritative single-volume reference resource comprehensively describing the discipline of pragmatics, an important branch of natural language study which deals with the various implied meanings of a given idea imparted in speech.



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