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Archiwum ciekawych nabytków (od października 2008 roku)
Archiwum ciekawych nabytków (do września 2008 roku)

Exactly Solved Models: A Journey In Statistical Mechanics

Okładka książki: Solved Models: A Journey In Statistical Mechanics 
Fa Yueh Wu. Exactly Solved Models: A Journey In Statistical Mechanics: Selected Papers with Commentaries (1963 2008). World Scientific Publishing Company 2009. –ISBN 9789812813886

This unique volume provides a comprehensive overview of exactly solved models in statistical mechanics by looking at the scientific achievements of F Y Wu in this and related fields, which span four decades of his career. The book is organized into topics ranging from lattice models in condensed matter physics to graph theory in mathematics, and includes the author s pioneering contributions.

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Comprehensive Chemometrics

Okładka książki: Comprehensive Chemometrics 
Comprehensive Chemometrics. Vol. 1-4. ed. Steven D. Brown, Roma Tauler, Beata Walczak. Elsevier 2009. – ISBN 978-0444527028

Designed to serve as the first point of reference on the subject, Comprehensive Chemometrics presents an integrated summary of the present state of chemical and biochemical data analysis and manipulation. The work covers all major areas ranging from statistics to data acquisition, analysis, and applications

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A Short Course in Differential Geometry and Topology

Okładka książki: A Short Course in Differential Geometry and Topology 
A.T. Fomenko, A.S. Mishchenko. A Short Course in Differential Geometry and Topology. Cambridge Scientific Publishers 2009. – ISBN 9781904868323

This volume covers general topology, nonlinear co-ordinate systems, theory of smooth manifolds, theory of curves and surfaces, transformation groups, Tensor analysis and Riemannian geometry, theory of integration and homologies.

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Cross-Cultural Psychology

Okładka książki: Cross-Cultural Psychology 
Cross-Cultural Psychology. Vol.1-4. ed. Peter B. Smith, Deborah L. Best. Sage Publications 2009. –ISBN 9781847879547

This four volume set spans all areas of cross-cultural psychology, with particular emphasis on those areas in which the acclaimed editors, Peter Smith and Deborah Best, consider to have experienced the most recent progress, namely developmental psychology, personality, and social psychology. Cross-cultural psychology is a young field but with a global research that encompasses many facets of psychological behavior, essentially anything at the interrelationship of psychological processes and culture at an individual, social, and developmental level.

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Evolutionary Equations: Handbook of Differential Equations

Okładka książki: Evolutionary Equations 
Evolutionary Equations: Handbook of Differential Equations. Vol 4. ed. C.M. Dafermos, M. Pokorny. North Holland 2008. –ISBN 9780444530349

The material collected in this volume discusses the present as well as expected future directions of development of the field with particular emphasis on applications. The seven survey articles present different topics in Evolutionary PDE's, written by leading experts.

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