Spis treści: Islands of Genius

Foreword by Daniel Tammet
Introduction: Sightseeing on an Incredible Journey

Part 1 The Mind of the Savant

1 What We Do Know: A Rare but Remarkable Condition
2 How Do They Do It? Some Earlier Theories from Heredity to Quantum Theory
3 How Do They Do It? More Recent Findings: The Three "R's" - iiewiring, /Recruitment, .Release
4 Genetic Memory: How Do We Know Things We Never Learned?
5 More Medical Mysteries: Calendars, Cantors, Foreign Accents and Hypermnesia

Part 2 The World of the Savant

6 The Genius of Earlswood Asylum and Blind Tom: Some Early Savants, s.  81
7 Leslie and May: "Two Memorable People" with a contribution by Shirlee Monty, author of May's Boys, s. 93
8 Alonzo: "God Gives the Gift", s. 110
9 George: "It's Fantastic I Can Do That!", s. 116
10 Kim: "The Real Rain Man", s. 120
11 Ellen: "With a Song In Her Heart", s. 130
12 Tony: "Against All Odds"—Magna Cum Laude from Berklee, s. 138
13 Temple: "An Emergence Extraordinaire", s. 144
14 Matt: "The Key of Genius", s. 149
15 Flo and Kay: An Unforgettable "Two of a Kind", s. 156
16 Daniel: "Numbers Are my Friends", s. 161
17 Stephen: "A Rocket of Young Talent", s. 165
18 Ping Lian, Gregory, Richard, George, Jonathan and Some Others: Artwork of the Prodigious Savant, s. 170
19 Raymond Babbitt in Rain Man: The World's Best Known Savant, s. 183

Part 3 Significant New Dimensions to Savant Syndrome

20 "Accidental Genius": The Acquired Savant, s. 193
21 "Sudden Genius": An Epiphany of Talent, s. 204
22 "Normal Genius": Dormant Skills Within Us All?, s. 212
23 Accessing the "Inner Savant" Within Us All, s. 217
24 The Bountiful Brain: Haifa Brain (or Less) May Be Enough, s. 227

Part 4 Training the Talent: "I've Got a Son or Daughter Who..."

25 Teaching Music to the Special Needs Client: A Music Therapist's Approach, s. 231
Susan Rancer, registered music therapist
26 "Training the Talent" in Art and Other Skills: An Educator's Approach, s. 240
Rosa C. Martinez, board certified behavior analyst
27 Teaching Autistic Numerical Savants: A Specific Approach that Worked, s. 250
Peter Lewis, professional engineer

Part 5 Our Journey Has Just Begun

28 New Tools and New Optimism: The Trail Ahead for the Mind of the Savant, s. 261
29 Oval Souls on a Round Planet: The Trail Ahead for the World of the Savant, s. 275

References, s. 289
Appendix: Books About Savant Syndrome and Books By or About Specific Savants, s. 295
Subject Index, s. 297
Author Index, s. 301


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