Spis treści: 1968 in Retrospect

Notes on Contributors, s. vii
Introduction: 1968 in Retrospect, s. xi Gurminder K. Bhambra and Ipek Demir

Part I   Rethinking Historical Narratives

1   Freedom Now! 1968 as a Turning Point for Black American Student Activism, s. 3 Patricia Hill Collins
2   She's Leaving Home: Women's Sixties Renaissance, s. 29 Lynne Segal
3   Subterranean Traditions Rising: The Year That Enid Blyton Died, s. 43 Ken Plummer

Part II   Theoretical Engagements

4   From 1968 to 1951: How Habermas Transformed Marx into Parsons, s. 59 John Holmwood
5   Critical Theory and Crisis Diagnosis: Key Exchanges Between Reason and Revolution after 1968, s. 73 Tracey Skillington
6   On Totalitarianism: The Continuing Relevance of Herbert Marcuse, s. 87 Sarah Hornstein
7   Everyone Longs for a Master: Lacan and 1968, s. 100 Stephen Frosh

Part III   Other Voices

8   May 1968 and Algerian Immigrants in France: Trajectories of Mobilization and Encounter, s. 115 Maud Anne Bracke
9   Turning to Africa: Politics and Student Resistance in Africa since 1968, s. 131 Leo Zeilig
10   Riding the Waves: Feminism, Lesbian and Gay Politics, and the Transgender Debates, s. 147 Sally Hines
11   Subjectivization, State and Other: On the Limits of Our Political Imagination, s. 160 Mihnea Panu

Conclusion: When Did 1968 End?, s. 175 William Outhwaite
Bibliography, s. 184
Index, s. 198

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