Spis treści: Multi-Sited Ethnography: Theory, Praxis and Locality in Contemporary Social Research

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Introduction: Multi-sited Ethnography: Theory, Praxis and Locality in Contemporary Research
Mark-Anthony Falzon

  1. Arbitrary Locations: In Defence of the Bounded Field-site
    Matei Candea
  2. What if There is No Elephant? Towards a Conception of an Un-sited Field
    Joanna Cook, James Laidlaw and Jonathan Mair
  3. Scaling and Visualizing Multi-sited Ethnography Kim Fortun
  4. In the Right Place at the Right Time? Reflections on Multi-sited Ethnography in the Age of Migration Ester Gallo
  5. Emplacement and Environmental Relations in Multi-sited Practice/Theory
    Caroline Gatt
  6. Expanding Sites: The Question of 'Depth' Explored
    Cindy Horst
  7. Follow the Missionary: Connected and Disconnected Flows of Meaning in the Norwegian Mission Society
    Ingie Hovland
  8. Localizing Climate Change: A Multi-sited Approach
    Werner Krauss
  9. Changing Places: The Advantages of Multi-sited Ethnography
    Karen Isaksen Leonard
  10. Multi-sited Ethnography: Notes and Queries 181 George E. Marcus
  11. Strong Collaboration as a Method for Multi-sited Ethnography: On Mycorrhizal Relations
    Matsutake Worlds Research Group (Timothy Choy, Lieba Faier, Michael Hathaway, Miyako Inoue, Shiho Satsuka, and Anna Tsing)
  12. Bridging Boundaries with a Transnational Research Approach: A Simultaneous Matched Sample Methodology
    Valentino Mazzucato
  13. Contours of the Field(s): Multi-sited Ethnography as a Theory-driven Research Strategy for Sociology
    Eva Nadai and Christoph Maeder
  14. Traversing Cultural Sites: Doing Ethnography among Sudanese Migrants in Germany
    Cordula Weifikoppel

Afterword: The Long March of Anthropology
Ulf Hannerz


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