Spis treści: 21st Century Psychology: A Reference Handbook


Volume One

Preface, s. xiii
About the Editors, s. xv
About the Contributors, s. xvi


1. Psychology Before 1900, s. 2
Ludy T. Benjamin, Jr., Texas A&M University

2. Psychology in the 20th Century, s. 12
C. James Goodwin, Western Carolina University

3. Psychology Into the 21st Century, s. 21
Jay C. Brown, Texas Wesleyan University

4. Women and Minorities in Psychology, s. 25
Alexandra Rutherford, York University Wade Pickren, Ryerson University

5. Conducting Research on the History of Psychology, s. 37
David B. Baker, University of Akron; Ludy T. Benjamin, Jr., Texas A&M University


6. Statistical Techniques and Analysis, s. 46
Chris Spatz, Hendrix College

7. Validity, s. 55
Kenneth Barron, with Allison R. Brown, Theresa E. Egan, Christopher R. Gesualdi, and Kimberly A. Marchuk, James Madison University

8. Nonexperimental Research Methods, s. 65
Stephen F. Davis, Texas Wesleyan University

9. Experimental Designs, s. 71
Randolph A. Smith, Lamar University

10. Single-Subject Designs, s. 80
Bryan K. Saville, James Madison University

11. Qualitative Research, s. 93
Jennifer Featherston, University of Arkansas

12. Ethics of Psychological Research, s. 103
Elizabeth V. Swenson, John Carroll University


13. Biological Psychology, s. 114
Lewis Barker, Auburn University

14. Neurotransmission, s. 125
Sharon Pearcey, Kennesaw State University

15. Traditional Neuroscience Research Methods, s. 132
James Kalat, North Carolina State University

16. Imaging Techniques for the Localization of Brain Function, s. 139
Brenda Anderson, Stony Brook University

17. Drugs and Behavior, s. 150
Cathy A. Grover, Emporia State University

18. Behavioral Pharmacology, s. 161
Wendy Donlin, University of North Carolina, Wilmington Erin Rasmussen, Idaho State University


19. Sensation, s. 172
Christopher Koch, George Fox University

20. Psychophysics, s. 177
John H. Krantz, Hanover College

21. States of Consciousness, s. 187
Joseph J. Palladino and Christopher M. Bloom, University of Southern Indiana

22. Taste, s. 196
Richard L. Doty, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

23. Vision, s. 205
George Mather, University of Sussex, United Kingdom

24. Olfaction, s. 216
Richard Stevenson, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

25. Audition, s. 226
Michael Firment, Kennesaw State University

26. Somatosensory Systems, s. 237
Sharon E. Guttman, Middle Tennessee State University Stephen F. Davis, Texas Wesleyan University

21. Perception, s. 245
Lauren F. V. Scharff, Stephen F. Austin State University


28. Evolutionary Psychology: The Impact of Evolution on Human Behavior, s. 258
Gordon G. Gallup, Jr., and Jeremy Atkinson, State University of New York, Albany Daniel D. Moriarty, University of San Diego

29. Evolutionary Perspectives on Mate Preferences, s. 267
Diane S. Berry, Children's Medical Center Dallas

30. Animal Learning and Behavior, s. 275
Stephen B. Klein, Mississippi State University

31. Animal Cognition, s. 285
Bradley R. Sturz, Armstrong Atlantic State University Kent Bodily, Michelle Hernandez, Kelly Schmidtke, and Jeffrey S. Katz, Auburn University

32. Comparative Psychology, s. 294
Alan M. Daniel and Mauricio R. Papini, Texas Christian University


33. Classical Conditioning, s. 300
Martha Escobar, Auburn University

34. Recent Trends in Classical Conditioning, s. 310
James C. Denniston, Appalachian State University

35. Taste-Aversion Learning, s. 320
W. Robert Batsell, Kalamazoo College

36. Operant Conditioning, s. 329
Jessica G. Irons, James Madison University William Buskist, Auburn University

37. Recent Trends in Operant Conditioning, s. 340
Harold L. Miller, Jr., and E. Benjamin H. Heuston, Brigham Young University

38. Social Learning, s. 351
Laura Ten Eyck, Children's Medical Center Dallas

39. Stimulus Equivalence, s. 360
Thomas S. Critchfield and Daniel Fienup, Illinois State University


40. Psychometrics, s. 374
Marcel Satsky Kerr, Texas Wesleyan University

41. Testing and Assessment, s. 383
John Juve, JurySync Litigation Consulting

42. Personality Development, s. 392
Philip Lewis, Auburn University

43. Personality Psychology, s. 402
Peter J. Giordano, Belmont University

44. Intelligence, s. 413
Joseph J. Ryan, University of Central Missouri

45. Motivation and Emotion, s. 422
Joseph J. Palladino and Christopher M. Bloom, University of Southern Indiana


46. Memory: A Look Into the Past, Present, and Future, s. 432
Jennifer M. Bonds-Raacke and John Raacke, University of North Carolina at Pembroke

47. Memory and Eyewitness Testimony, s. 441
Kerri Pickel, Ball State University

48. Repressed and Recovered Memory, s. 450
Beverly R. King, University of North Carolina at Pembroke

49. Language and Language Development, s. 460
David Kreiner, University of Central Missouri

50. Thinking and Problem Solving, s. 470
Kimberly Rynearson, Tarleton State University

51. Critical Thinking, s. 478
Diane F. Halpern, Claremont McKenna College Patrick Williams, Claremont Graduate University

52. Artificial Intelligence, s. 485
Francisco Arcediano, Auburn University

Volume Two


53. Prenatal Development and Infancy, s. 2
Adriana Molitor, University of San Diego Hui-Chin Hsu, University of Georgia

54. Childhood and Adolescence, s. 16
Susan R. Burns, Morningside College

55. Adulthood and Aging: Perspectives on Adult Development, s. 25
John Raacke and Jennifer M. Bonds-Raacke, University of North Carolina at Pembroke

56. Disabilities, s. 37
Larry Featherston, University of Arkansas

57. Autism, s. 46
Krista K. Fritson, University of Nebraska at Kearney

58. Giftedness, s. 56
Kathryn Norcross Black, Purdue University

59. Death, Dying, and Bereavement, s. 64
Lisa Hensley, Texas Wesleyan University

60. Nature Versus Nurture, s. 72
William G. Collier, University of North Carolina at Pembroke

61. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Myth or Mental Disorder?, s. 79
Steven K. Shapiro and Andrew L. Cohen, Auburn University


62. Social Cognition, s. 94
Mary Inman, Hope College

63. Attitudes and Attitude Change, s. 104
Natalie Kerr Lawrence, James Madison University

64. Group Processes, s. 113
Jeffrey Holmes, Ithaca College

65. Social Influence, s. 123
Robert B. Cialdini and Chad Mortensen, Arizona State University

66. The Nature of Love, s. 134
Karin Weis, Harvard University Robert J. Sternberg, Tufts University

67. Prejudice and Stereotyping, s. 143
Mary Kite and Bernard Whitley, Ball State University

68. Leadership: Theory and Practice, s. 152
Richard L. Miller, University of Nebraska at Kearney


69. Health Psychology, s. 164
Lisa Curtin and Denise Martz, Appalachian State University

70. Stress and Stressors, s. 175
Jeffrey R. Stowell, Eastern Illinois University

71. Coping Skills, s. 184
Robin K. Morgan, Indiana University Southeast

72. Resilience, s. 192
Lennis Echterling and Anne Stewart, James Madison University

73. Positive Psychology, s. 202
Matthew W. Gallagher and Shane J. Lopez, University of Kansas, Lawrence

74. Human Performance in Extreme Environments, s. 210
Jason Kring, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

75. HIV, s. 219
Jessica M. Richmond, University of Akron James L. Werth, Jr., Radford University

76. Suicide, s. 228
Cooper B. Holmes, Emporia State University


77. Abnormal Psychology, s. 236
Michael J. T. Leftwich, Forest Institute of Professional Psychology

78. Ethics of Therapists, s. 245
Janet R. Matthews, Loyola University

79. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), s. 253
Jared W. Keeley, Danny R. Burgess, and Roger K. Blashfield, Auburn University

80. Anxiety Disorders, s. 262
Todd A. Smitherman, University of Mississippi Medical Center

81. Dissociative Disorders, s. 271
Cooper B. Holmes, Emporia State University

82. Personality Disorders, s. 277
Danny R. Burgess, Jared W. Keeley, and Roger K. Blashfield, Auburn University

83. Mood Disorders: An Overview, s. 288
Elizabeth B. Denny, University of North Carolina at Pembroke

84. Schizophrenia: Understanding a Split Mind, s. 299
Shilpa Pai Regan, University of North Carolina at Pembroke

85. Psychoactive Substance Use Disorders, s. 307
Kurt D. Michael, Appalachian State University

86. Psychotherapy, s. 318
Michael J. T. Leftwich, Forest Institute of Professional Psychology

87. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, s. 323
Steven R. Lawyer, Sherman M. Normandin, and Verena M. Roberts, Idaho State University

88. Family Therapy and Therapy With Children, s. 333
Carolyn A. Licht, The Family Center at Harlem Hospital

89. Pharmacotherapy, s. 345
Jeffrey L. Helms, Kennesaw State University

90. Forensic Clinical Psychology: Sensationalism and Reality, s. 356
Matthew T. Huss, Creighton University; Leah Skovran, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

91. Sexual Offending Behavior, s. 366
Jason Sikorski, Central Connecticut State University


92. Industrial and Organizational Psychology, s. 376
Tim Huelsman, Appalachian State University

93. Human Factors, s. 387
Philip Kortum, Rice University

94. Community Psychology, s. 395
Richard L. Miller, University of Nebraska at Kearney

95. Sport Psychology, s. 406
Dana Gresky, Texas Wesleyan University

96. Environmental Psychology, s. 415
David Morgan, Spalding University

97. Psychology and the Law, s. 425
William Douglas Woody, University of Northern Colorado

98. Applied Behavior Analysis, s. 435
E. Scott Geller, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

99. Organizational Behavior Management, s. 448
Tracy E. Zinn, James Madison University


100. Gender and Sexual Orientation, s. 460
Nicole Else-Quest, Villanova University

101. Multiple Axes of Human Diversity, s. 470
Loreto R. Prieto, Iowa State University

102. Psychology and Religion, s. 475
Mary Whitehouse and Rick Hollings, North Carolina State University

103. Cross-Cultural Psychology and Research, s.483
Kenneth D. Keith, University of San Diego

104. International Psychology, s. 491
John M. Davis, Texas State University, San Marcos

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