Spis treści: Wine Chemistry and Biochemistry

Introduction, M. Carmen Polo and M. Victoria Moreno-Arribas, s. xv

Part I, Chemical and Biochemical Aspects of Winemaking

1. Biochemistry of Alcoholic Fermentation / Fernando Zamora, s. 3

2. Biochemical Transformations Produced by Malolactic Fermentation / Antonella Costantini, Emilia Garcia-Moruno, and M. Victoria Moreno-Arribas, s. 27

3. Special Wines Production, s. 59

  • 3A   Sparkling Wines and Yeast Autolysis / Adolfo J. Martinez-Rodriguez and Encarnacion Pueyo, s. 61
  • 3B   Biologically Aged Wines / Rafael A. Peinado and Juan C. Mauricio, s. 81

4. Enzymes in Winemaking / Maurizio Ugliano, s. 103

5. Use of Enological Additives for Colloid and Tartrate Salt Stabilization in White Wines and for Improvement of Sparkling Wine Foaming Properties / Richard Marchal and Philippe Jeandet, s. 127

Part II, Wine Chemical Compounds and Biochemical Processes

6. Nitrogen Compounds, s. 161

  • 6A   Amino Acids and Biogenic Amines / M. Victoria Moreno-Arribas and M. Carmen Polo, s. 163
    M. Victoria Moreno-Arribas and M. Carmen Polo
  • 6B   Peptides / M. Victoria Moreno-Arribas, Maria Angeles Pozo-Bayon, and M. Carmen Polo, s. 191
  • 6C   Proteins / Elizabeth Joy Waters and Christopher Bruce Colby, s. 213

7. Carbohydrates / M. Luz Sanz and Isabel Martinez-Castro, s. 231

8. Volatile and Aroma Compounds, s. 249

  • 8A   Wine Aroma Precursors /Raymond Baumes, s. 251
  • 8B   Polyfunctional Thiol Compounds / Denis Dubourdieu and Takatoshi Tominaga, s. 275
  • 8C  Volatile Compounds and Wine Aging / M. Soledad Perez-Coello and M. Consuelo Diaz-Maroto, s. 295
  • 8D   Yeasts and Wine Flavour / Maurizio Ugliano and Paul A. Henschke, s. 313
  • 8E   Identification of Impact Odorants of Wines / Vicente Ferreira and Juan Cacho, s. 393
  • 8F   Interactions Between Wine Matrix Macro-Components and Aroma Compounds / Marfa Angeles Pozo-Bayon and Gary Reineccius, s. 417

9. Phenolic Compounds, s. 437

  • 9A   Anthocyanins and Anthocyanin-Derived Compounds / Man'a Monagas and Begona Bartolome, s. 439
  • 9B   Flavanols, Flavonols and Dihydroflavonols / Nancy Terrier, Celine Poncet-Legrand, and Veronique Cheynier, s. 463
  • 9C   Non-flavonoid Phenolic Compounds / Michael Rentzsch, Andrea Wilkens, and Peter Winterhalter, s. 509
  • 9D   Influence of Phenolics on Wine Organoleptic Properties / Celestino Santos-Buelga and Victor de Freitas, s. 529
  • 9E   Health-Promoting Effects of Wine Phenolics / Alberto Davalos and Miguel A. Lasuncion, s. 571

Part III, Spoilage of Wines

10. Aromatic Spoilage of Wines by Raw Materials and Enological Products / Alain Bertrand and Angel Anocibar Beloqui, s. 595

11. Wine Spoilage by Fungal Metabolites / Manuel Malteito-Ferreira, Andre Barata, and Virgilio Loureiro, s. 615

Part IV, Automatic Analysers and Data Processing

12. Automatic Analysers in Oenology / Marc Dubernet, s. 649

13. Statistical Techniques for the Interpretation of Analytical Data / Pedro J. Martin-Alvarez, s. 677

Index, s. 715

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