Spis treści: Evolutionary Equations: Handbook of Differential Equations

Preface, s. v

List of Contributors, s. vii
Contents of Volume I, s. xi
Contents of Volume II, s. xiii
Contents of Volume III, s. xv
  1. Incompressible Euler Equations: The Blow-up Problem and Related Results / D. Chae, s. 1
  2. Mathematical Methods in the Theory of Viscous Fluids / E.  Feireisl, s. 57
  3. Attractors for Dissipative Partial Differential Equations in Bounded and Unbounded Domains / A. Miranville, S. Zelik, s. 103
  4. The Cahn-Hilliard Equation / A. Novick-Cohen, s. 201
  5. Mathematical Analysis of Viscoelastic Fluids / M. Renardy, s. 229
  6. Application of Monotone Type Operators to Parabolic and Functional Parabolic PDE's / L. Simon, s. 267
  7. Recent Results on Hydrodynamic Limits / A.F. Vasseur, s. 323
  8. Introduction to Stefan-Type Problems / A. Visintin, s. 377
  9. The KdV Equation / A.-M. Wazwaz, s. 485

Author Index, s. 569
Subject Index, s. 585

Contents of Volume I

Preface, s. v
List of Contributors, s. vii

  1. Semigroups and Evolution Equations: Functional Calculus, Regularity and Kernel Estimates / W. Arendt, s. 1
  2. Front Tracking Method for Systems of Conservation Laws / A. Bressan, s. 87
  3. Current Issues on Singular and Degenerate Evolution Equations / E. DiBenedetto, J.M. Urbano and V. Vespri, s. 169
  4. Nonlinear Hyperbolic-Parabolic Coupled Systems / L. Hsiao and S. Jiang, s. 287
  5. Nonlinear Parabolic Equations and Systems / A. Lunardi, s. 285
  6. Kinetic Formulations of Parabolic and Hyperbolic PDEs: From Theory to Numerics / B. Perthame, s. 437
  7. L1-stability of Nonlinear Waves in Scalar Conservation Laws / D. Serre, s. 473

Author Index, s. 555
Subject Index, s. 565

Contents of Volume II

Preface, s. v
List of Contributors, s. vii
Contents of Volume I, s. xi

  1. Euler Equations and Related Hyperbolic Conservation Laws / G.-Q. Chen, s. 1
  2. Blow-up of Solutions of Supercritical Parabolic Equations / M. Fila, s. 105
  3. The Boltzmann Equation and Its Hydrodynamic Limits / F. Golse, s. 159
  4. Long-Time Behavior of Solutions to Hyperbolic Equations with Hysteresis / P. Krejci, s. 303
  5. Mathematical Issues Concerning the Navier-Stokes Equations and Some of Its Generalizations / Mdlek and K.R. Rajagopal, s. 371
  6. Evolution of Rate-Independent Systems / A. Mielke, s. 461
  7. On the Global Weak Solutions to a Variational Wave Equation / P. Zhang and Y. Zheng, s. 561

Author Index, s. 649
Subject Index, s. 659

Contents of Volume III

Preface, s. v
List of Contributors, s. vii
Contents of Volume I, s. xi
Contents of Volume II, s. xiii

  1. Gradient Flows of Probability Measures / L. Ambrosio and G. Savare, s. 1
  2. The Mathematics of Chemotaxis, s. MA. Herrero, s. 137
  3. Examples of Singular Limits in Hydrodynamics / N. Masmoudi, s. 195
  4. Notes on Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws and Transport Equations / C. De Lellis, s. 277
  5. Collisionless Kinetic Equations from Astrophysics - The Vlasov-Poisson System / G. Rein, s. 383
  6. Stochastic Representations for Nonlinear Parabolic PDEs / H.M. Soner, s. 461
  7. Controllability and Observability of Partial Differential Equations: Some Results and Open Problems / E. Zuazua, s. 527

Author Index, s. 623
Subject Index, s. 633

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