Spis treści : Chagall. Love and exile

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Prologue 3


CHAPTER ONE "My Sad and Joyful Town": Vitebsk, 1887-1900, s. 9
CHAPTER TWO At Pen's: Vitebsk, 1900-1907, s. 35
CHAPTER THREE Forbidden City: St. Petersburg, 1907-1908, s. 53
CHAPTER FOUR Thea: Vitebsk and St. Petersburg, 1908-1909, s. 7a
CHAPTER FIVE Bella: Vitebsk, 1909, s. 90
CHAPTER SIX Leon Bakst: St. Petersburg, 1909-1911, s. 104
CHAPTER SEVEN "Surnaturel!": Paris, 1911-1912, s. 125
CHAPTER EIGHT Blaise Cendrars: Paris, 1912-1913, s. 149
CHAPTER NINE "My Ferocious Genius": Paris, 1913-1914, s. 168
CHAPTER TEN Homecoming: Vitebsk, 1914-1915, s. 182
CHAPTER ELEVEN Married Man: Petrograd, 1915-1917, s. 200
CHAPTER TWELVE Commissar Chagall and Comrade Malevich: Vitebsk, 1917-1920, s. 222
CHAPTER THIRTEEN Chagall's Box: Moscow, 1920-1922, s. 253


CHAPTER FOURTEEN Der Sturm: Berlin, 1922-1923, s. 281
CHAPTER FIFTEEN Dead Souls: Paris, 1923-1924, s. 298
CHAPTER SIXTEEN "Lumiere-Liberte": Paris, 1924-1927, s. 315
CHAPTER SEVENTEEN The Prophets: Paris, 1928-1933, s. 338
CHAPTER EIGHTEEN Wandering Jew: Paris, 1934-1937, s. 359
CHAPTER NINETEEN White Crucifixion: Paris and Gordes, 1937-1941, s. 374
CHAPTER TWENTY America: New York, 1941-1944, s. 395
CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE Virginia: New York and High Falls, 1944-1948, s. 417
CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO Return to Europe: Orgeval and Vence,1948-1952, s. 444
CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE Vava: Vence, 1952-1960, s. 469
CHAPTER TWENTY-FOUR Decade of the Large Wall: Vence and St. Paul, 1960-1970, s. 491
CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE "I Was a Good Artist, Wasn't I?": St. Paul, 1971-1985, s. 512

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Notes, s. 529
Index, s. 563


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