Spis treści : Understanding global media

List of Figures, Tables and Case Studies, vii
Preface, ix
Acknowledgements, x

1 Introduction to Global Media: Key Concepts, s.  1

Introduction, s. 4
Media and Power
Media Markets: Audiences, Advertisers, Finance and Creative
Content, s. 8
Media Organizations and Policy ,s. 14
Media and Culture, s. 18
New Media Technologies, s. 21
Media in Space: Understanding Global Media, s. 24

2 Theories of Global Media, s. 30

Introduction, s. 30
Critical Political Economy, s. 30
Cultural Studies, s. 37
Institutionalism, Media Corporations and Public Policy, s. 43
Rethinking State Capacities: Cultural Policy Studies, s. 47
Cultural and Economic Geography, s. 50
Theories of 'Strong Globalization' and their Critics, s. 54
Strong Globalization Theories: a Critique, s. 58

3 Globalization and Global Media Corporations, s. 66

Introduction: Globalization and the Media, s. 66
Critical Political Economy and Global Media, s. 72
Questioning Media Globalization, s. 80
New Theories of Globalization and Foreign Investment: Perspectives from Economic Geography, s. 91

4 Global Media, the Knowledge Economy and the New Competition, s. 98

Introduction, s. 98
Knowledge Economy, s. 99
New Competition, s. 102
Network Organization, s. 106
Clusters and the Economic Geography of Competitive Advantage, s. 108
Global Production Networks, s. 112
Globalization and the Continuing Social Embeddedness of Market Relations, s. 117
Asymmetrical Interdependence and Cultural Reconversion, s. 121
Revising Cultural Imperialism: Cultural and Economic Perspectives, s. 124
The Globalization of Media Production Centres: 'Race to the Bottom' or Cultural Technology Transfer?, s. 128

5 Global Media Cultures, s. 138

Introduction: Four Ways to Think about Culture, s. 138
Integrating Diverse Conceptions of Culture, s. 144
Culture and Citizenship, s. 156
Global Culture, Identity and Hybridity, s. 162

6 From Sovereignty to Software: National Media Policies in an Age of Global Media, s. 170

Introduction: Beyond National Culture?, s. 170
Media Policy and the Regulatory State, s. 171
Cultural Policy and the Portective State: the State in its Ordinary Dimension, s. 174
The Limits of Cultural Policy in the Contemporary Global Media Context, s. 176
Creative Industries Policy and the Enabling State, s. 178
Sub-national Cultural Policy: Creative Cities and Creative Clusters, s. 184
Supra-national Media and Cultural Policy: Trade Agreements, Cultural Diversity and Global Civil Society, s. 191
The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), s. 197

Conclusion: Theories of Global Media Revisited, s. 205

How Significant Is Media Globalization?, s. 207
The Knowledge Economy and the Creative Industries: Different Ways of Thinking about Global Media, s. 209
The Politics of Globalization and Media Policy: Beyond Sanguinity and Critique, s. 212

Notes, s. 216
Bibliography, s. 223
Index, s. 253

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