Spis treści : The Oxford handbook of hypnosis

Contributors, vii

1.  Introduction: a roadmap for explanation, a working definition / Amanda J. Barnierand Michael R. Nash, s. 1

SECTION I: Domain of hypnosis

2.  The domain of hypnosis, revisited / John F. Kihlstrom, s. 21
3.  Generations and landscapes of hypnosis: questions we've asked, questions we should ask / Kevin M. McConkey, s. 53

SECTION II: Theoretical perspectives

4.  Dissociation theories of hypnosis / Erik Z. Woody and Pamela Sadler, s. 81
5.  Social cognitive theories of hypnosis / Steven Jay Lynn, Irving Kirsch and Michael N. Hallquist, s. 111
6.  How hypnosis happens: new cognitive theories of hypnotic responding / Amanda J. Barnier, Zoltan Dienes and Chris J. Mitchell
7.  Intelligent design or designed intelligence? Hypnotizability as neurobiological adaptation / David Spiegel, s. 179
8.  A psychoanalytic theory of hypnosis: a clinically informed approach / Michael R. Nash, s. 201

SECTION III: Contemporary research

9.  Measuring and understanding individual differences in hypnotizability / Jean-Roch Laurence, Dominic Beaulieu-Prevost and Thibault du Chene, s. 255
10.  Hypnosis scales for the twenty-first century: what do we need and how should we use them? / Erik Z. Woody and Amanda J. Barnier
11.  Parsing everyday suggestibility: what does it tell us about hypnosis? / Anthony F. Tasso and Nicole A. Perez, s. 283
12. Advances in hypnosis research: methods, designs and contributions of intrinsic and instrumental hypnosis / Rochelle E. Cox and Richard A. Bryant, s. 311
13.  Hypnosis and the brain / Arreed F. Barabasz and Marianne Barabasz, s. 337
14.  Hypnosis, trance and suggestion: evidence from neuroimaging, David A. Oakley, s. 365
15.  Hypnosis and mind-body interactions / Grant Benham and Jarred Younger, s. 393

SECTION IV: Clinical hypnosis: treatment and consultation

A.  Models of clinical intervention

16.  Psychoanalytic approaches to clinical hypnosis / Elgan L. Baker and Michael R. Nash, s. 439
17.  Reclaiming the cognitive unconscious: integrating hypnotic methods and cognitive-behavioral therapy / Joseph Barber, s. 457
18.  An Ericksonian approach to clinical hypnosis / Stephen Lankton, s. 467

B. Methods of clinical intervention: techniques and cases

19.  Foundations of clinical hypnosis / Michael R. Nash, s. 487
20.  Hypnosis in the relief of pain and pain disorders / Mark P. Jensen and David R. Patterson, s. 503
21.  Hypnosis and anxiety: early interventions / Richard A. Bryant, s. 535
22.  Hypnotic approaches to treating depression / Michael D. Yapko, s. 549
23.  Hypnosis for health-compromising behaviors / Gary Elkins and Michelle Perfect, s. 569
24.  Treating children using hypnosis / Eric L. Scott, Ann Lagges and Linn LaClave, s. 593
25.  Medical illnesses, conditions and procedures / Nicholas A. Covino, s. 611
26.  Hypnosis in the treatment of conversion and somatization disorders / Franny C. Moene and Karin Roelofs, s. 625
27.  Trauma-related disorders and dissociation / Mary Jo Peebles, s. 647
28.  Hypnosis in sport: cases, techniques and issues / William P. Morgan and Aaron J. Stegner, s. 681 

C.  Evidence base of clinical intervention and consultation

29.  Clinical hypnosis: the empirical evidence / Mark Moore and Anthony F. Tasso, s. 697
30.  Making a contribution to the clinical literature: time-series designs / Jeffrey J. Borckardt and Michael R. Nash, s. 727
31.  Hypnosis in the courts / Michael Heap, s. 745

Name Index, s. 767
Subject Index, s. 779


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