Spis treści : Nation and Novel. The English Novel from its Origins to the Present Day

Introduction, I

  1. The Novel and the Nation, s. 9

  2. Cavaliers, Puritans, and Rogues: English Fiction from 1485 to 1700, s. 35

  3. Cross-Grained Crusoe: Defoe and the Contradictions of Englishness, s. 63

  4. Histories of Rebellion: From 1688 to 1793, s. 82

  5. The Novel of Suffering: Richardson, Fielding, and Goldsmith, s. 106

  6. The Benevolent Robber: From Fielding to the 1790s, s. 126

  7. Romanitic Toryism: Scott, Disraeli, and Others, s. 145

  8. Tory Daughters and the Politics of Marriage: Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë, and Elizabeth Gaskell, s. 180

  9. 'Turn Again, Dick Whittington!': Dickens and the Fiction of the City, s. 213

  10. At Home and Abroad in Victorian and Edwardian Fiction: "From iVanity Fair" i to "The Secret Agent", s. 232

  11. Puritan and Provincial Englands: From Emily Brontë to D. H. Lawrence, s. 258

  12. From Forster to Orwell: The Novel of England's Destiny, s. 291

  13. From Kipling to Independence: Losing the Empire, s. 321

  14. Round Tables: Chivalry and the Twentieth-Century English Novel- Sequence, s. 341

  15. Inward Migrations: Multiculturalism, Anglicization, and Internal Exile, s. 380

Conclusion: On Englishness and the Twenty-First Century Novel, s. 406

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