Spis treści : Dialogism and lyric self-fashioning : Bakhtin and the voices of a genre

  • Introduction / Jacob Blevins

  • Masculine and feminine, public and private, in the poetry of Sappho / Ellen Greene

  • An Agon on the slopes of Helicon : Corinna’s dialogues with Pindar and Hesiod / David H.J. Larmour

  • Singing in the garden : Statius’s plein air lyric (after Horace) / Diana Spencer

  • Putting women in their place : women’s devotional songs in The Rosarius (BnF fr. 12483) / Daniel E. O’Sullivan

  • Subjective identity and collective conscience in the songs of Colin Muset / Christopher Callahan

  • Producing (and reproducing) poetic identity in Thomas Edwards’s Narcissus / John Everett Bird

  • That noble flame : literary history and regenerative time in Katherine Philips’s elegies and society of friendship / W. Scott Howard

  • Apollinaire’s late lyrics / Dafydd Wood

  • The waste land as a human drama revealed by Eliot’s dialogic imagination / Ian Probstein

  • "The man with the blue guitar" : dialogism in lyric poetry / Amittai F. Aviram and Richard Hartnett

  • Echoes of DuBois : the Crisis writings and Jayne Cortez’s earlier poetry / Tom Lavazzi

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