The Oxford Handbook of the New Cultural History of Music: spis treści

Contributors, xiii

Introduction: Defining the New Cultural History of Music, Its Origins, Methodologies, and Lines of Inquiry, 3 Jane F. Fulcher

PART 1: Cultural Identity and Its Expression: Constructions, Representations, and Exchanges Constructions or Representations of the Body, Gender, Sexuality, and Race

  • Gender, Performativity, and Allusion in Medieval Services for the Consecration of Virgins, 17 James Borders
  • Music, Violence, and the Stakes of Listening, 39 Richard Leppert
  • Music and Pain, 68 Andreas Dorschel Subjectivity and the Shaping of the Self in Society "The Road into the Open": From Narrative Closure to the Endless Performance of Subjectivity in Mahler and Freud at the Turn of the Century, 80 John E. Toews
  • Understanding Schoenberg as Christ, 117 Julie Brown
  • The Strange Landscape of Middles, 163 Michael Beckerman Nationalism, Cosmopolitanism, and Transnationalism
  • The Genre of National Opera in a European Comparative Perspective, 182 Philipp Ther
  • Cosmopolitan, National, and Regional Identities in Eighteenth-Century European Musical Life, 209 William WeberMendelssohn on the Road: Music, Travel, and the Anglo-German Symbiosis, 228 Celia Applegate
  • Elite and Popular Cultural Exchanges "Shooting the Keys": Musical Horseplay and High Culture, 245  Charles Hiroshi Garrett
  • Yvette Guilbert and the Revaluation of the Chanson populaire and Chanson ancienne during the Third Republic, 1889-1914, 264 Jacqueline Waeber
  • Remembrance of Jazz Past: Sidney Bechet in France, 307 Andy Fry

Part 2: Cultural Experience: Practices, Appropriations, And Evaluations Urban, Aural, and Print Culture

  • An Evening at the Opera in Seventeenth-Century Venice, 335 Edward Muir
  • Josquin des Prez, Renaissance Historiography, and the Cultures of Print, 354 Kate van Orden
  • From "the Voice of the Marechal" to Musique Concrete: Pierre Schaeffer and the Case for Cultural History, 381 Jane F. Fulcher
  • Symbols, Icons, and Sites of Collective Memory or Ritual A Matter of Style: State Sacrificial Music and Cultural-Political Discourse in Southern Song China (1127-1279), 403 Joseph S. C. Lam
  • Ernani Hats: Italian Opera as a Repertoire of Political Symbols during the Risorgimento, 428 Carlotta Sorba
  • Modalities of National Identity: Sibelius Builds a First Symphony, 452 James Hepokoski Politics, Aesthetics, and Transmission
    Beethoven, Napoleon, and Political Romanticism, 484 Leon Plantinga
  • Translating Herder Translating: Cultural Translation and the Making of Modernity, 501 Philip V. Bohlman
  • The Eye of the Needle: Music as History after the Age of Recording, 523 Leon Botstein

Afterword: Whose Culture? Whose History? Whose Music?, 550 Michael P. Steinberg
Index, 563

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