Spis treści: Patron Saints for Postmoderns

Introduction 7

  1. Antony of Egypt. Pursuing Holiness and Living Powerfully 21
  2. Gregory the Great. Discerning Hearts and Finding Balance 37
  3. Dante Alighieri. Loving the Universe and Saving Our Souls 56
  4. Margery Kempe. Weeping Over Jesus'Body and Praying His Heart 74
  5. John Amos Comenius. Learning Diversity and Teaching Peace 92
  6. John Newton. Proclaiming Grace and Uniting the Church 112
  7. Charles Simeon. Overcoming Wounds and Shaping Leaders 130
  8. Amanda Berry Smith. Standing Tall and Breaking Down Barriers 148
  9. Charles M. Sheldon. Knowing Our Neighbors and Serving Them Well 165
  10. Dorothy L. Sayers. Keeping It Real and Waking the Church 181

Conclusion: A Postmodern Challenge from Dante via Sayers 202
Acknowledgments 211
Notes 215

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