Spis treści: Forgotten Pioneer of Psychoanalysis

  • Contributors, s. vii
  • Preface, s. ix
  • Acknowledgements, s. xi
  • Text acknowledgements, s. xii

Introduction, s. 1 COLINE COVINGTON

  1. Unedited extracts from a diary, s. 15 SABINA SPIELREIN (with a prologue by Jeanne Moll)
  2. The letters of C.G. Jung to Sabina Spielrein, s. 33
  3. Foreword to Carotenuto's Tagebuch einer heimlichen Symmetric, s. 63 JOHANNES CREMERIUS
  4. Burgholzli hospital records of Sabina Spielrein, s. 81
  5. Sabina Spielrein. Jung's patient at the Burgholzli, s. 111 BERNARD MINDER
  6. A document. Jung to Freud 1905: A report on Sabina Spielrein, s. 137 BERNARD MINDER
  7. The Zurich School of Psychiatry in theory and practice: Sabina Spielrein's treatment at the Burgholzli Clinic in Zurich, s. 143 ANGELA GRAF-NOLD
  8. Comments on the Burgholzli hospital records of Sabina Spielrein, s. 177 COLINE COVINGTON
  9. Tender love and transference: Unpublished letters of C.G. Jung and Sabina Spielrein (with an addendum/discussion), s. 191 ZVILOTHANE
  10. 'In league with the devil, and yet you fear fire?' Sabina Spielrein and C.G. Jung: A suppressed scandal from the early days of psychoanalysis, s. 227 SABINE RICHEBACHER
  11. Kindred spirits, s. 251 NICOLLE KRESS-ROSEN
  12. Three psychoanalytic studies, s. 263 SABINA SPIELREIN
  13. Sabina Spielrein, Jean Piaget - going their own ways, s. 271 FERNANDO VIDAL
  14. Part I: Comment on Spielrein's paper 'The origin of the child's words Papa and Mama', s. 287 BARBARA WHARTON
  15. Part II: The origin of the child's words Papa and Mama. Some observations on the different stages in language development, s. 289 SABINA SPIELREIN
  16. Index 307
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