Spis treści: Out-of-Body and Near-Death Experiences : Brain-State Phenomena or Glimses of Immortality?

Preface, s. ix
List of Figures, s. xi
List of Abbreviations, s. xii

Introduction: Prospects for Life After Death, s. xv

Getting a Sense of the Other-Worldly Domain, s. 1

  1. Having that Kind of Feeling: Being Out-of-Body and Other-Worldly, s. 1
  2. Specific Case-Studies, s. 10

Surveying Past Horizons, s. 28

  1. Making Sense of the Collective ECE Narrative, s. 28
  2. Cultural Relativity: ECE in Historical and Geographical Context, s. 34
  3. The Argument So Far, s. 49

Authors' Interpretations of ECE Phenomenology, s. 53

  1. Authors' Perspectives on Subjects' Narratives: The Big Cosmic Picture, s. 54
  2. The Problem of Pre-Cognition and Acquired Psychical Powers, s. 62
  3. The Future Task, s. 68

Objective Analyses into ECE Subjectivity, s. 71

  1. Initial Approaches to a More Objective Account of ECE Phenomenology, s. 72
  2. Grammatical Critique of ECE Narrative: Semantics and Syntax, s. 79
  3. The Intrusion of Cognitive Activity into the Subjective World of ECE, s. 86
  4. Evidence that Pre-existing Cognitive Paradigms Influence the Experiential Contours of ECE, s. 92
  5. A Re-Classification of OB and ND Experiential Phenomenology, s. 95

Conscious-Awareness: Life's Illusory Legacy, s. 98

  1. The Illusory Foundations of Conscious-Awareness, s. 98
  2. 'Phantom Limb' Phenomenology: The Neurophysiology of Absence, s. 102

The Temporo-Parietal Cortex: The Configuring of Ego-/Paracentric Body Space, s. 106

  1. The Posterior Parietal Cortex and Body-Image, s. 107
  2. Abnormal Disturbances of Body-Image, s. 111
  3. The Ups-and-Downs and Ins-and-Outs of Ego-/Paracentric Body Space, s. 117
  4. Out-of-Body Phenomenologies: The Experiential Repertoire, s. 121

Falling Asleep, Perchance to Dream-Thence to Reawaken, s. 128

  1. Sleeping and Dreaming, s. 131
  2. The Neuropathology of Dream-State Modes, s. 146
  3. The Paediatric ECE/Dream Problem Revisited, s. 151
  4. Dreams, Dreaming, and ECE Reviewed, s. 152

ECE and the Temporal Lobe: Assassin or Accomplice?, s. 158

  1. The Experiential Outcomes of Temporal Lobe Pathologies, s. 159
  2. Transports of Joy, Love, and Ecstasy, s. 161
  3. The Emerging Critical Relevance of Latent Temporal Lobe Dysfunction, s. 165

Other Neurophysiological Aspects Pertinent to ECE phenomenology, s. 170

  1. Intrinsic Mechanisms, s. 170
  2. The Tunnel and Related Phenomenologies, s. 172
  3. Extrinsic Factors, s. 174
  4. Insights into the Brilliantly Coloured Heavenly Pastoral, s. 183
  5. Moving Onwards: Theological Perspectives on ECE, s. 186

Anthropological and Eschatological Considerations of ECE Phenomenology, s. 188

  1. Biblical Accounts of Human Anthropology, s. 189
  2. The Person, Death and a Future Hope, s. 192
  3. Personhood, the Afterlife, and the Soul, s. 200
  4. Personhood, the Afterlife, and the Resurrection of the Body, s. 206
  5. ECE and Afterlife: Not an Enlightening Eschatological Paradigm, s. 211

ECE, Revelation and Spirituality, s. 219

  1. 'Spiritual' Dimensions in a Secular World, s. 222
  2. ECE Phenomenology Considered as Spiritual Event, s. 228
  3. The Brain and the 'Mystical' Experience, s. 237

Subjects' Interpretations of Their Experiences, s. 242

  1. The NDE and the Subject: Consequential Outcomes, s. 244
  2. NDE Outcomes: The Exaltation of Personhood, s. 252

Overview and Recapitulation, s. 257

  1. Consciousness and Soul, s. 257
  2. On True Resurrection versus a Hallucinatory Metaphysic, s. 260
  3. The Forgotten Potential of the Post-Experiential Subject, s. 262
  4. The Eschatological Meaning of Salvation, s. 266


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