Spis treści: Eating with conscience : the bioethics of food


Chapter One

  • Why Eat with Conscience?
  • Kitchen Anarchists
  • The Consumer's Right to Know
  • Whom Can You Trust?
  • Making a Difference

Chapter Two

  • Factory Farming: A Holocaust in the Animal Kingdom
  • Who Benefits from Factory Farms?
  • Hidden Costs of Factory Farms
  • Animals as Production Units
  • Disease and Drugs on Factory Farms
  • Manure as Hazardous Waste
  • Trace Minerals and Impoverished Soils
  • Animal and Human Hazards in the Slaughterhouse
  • Mad Cow Disease and Animal Tankage
  • Cattle Methane and Global Warning
  • Environmental Costs of Factory Farms

Chapter Three

  • The Rotten Roots of Agribusiness
  • Family Farms Versus Corporate Agribusiness
  • Monopolistic Food Industry
  • The Cost of Industrialized Farming
  • Agrichemicals and Pesticides
  • Farmers' Health Hazards
  • Pesticides and the Cancer Threat
  • Government Inspectors and Contaminated Food
  • Government Subsidies and Ecological Bankruptcy
  • The Commodity Crop Treadmill
  • The Shrinking Genetic Pool
  • Taxpayers Subsidize Agribusiness Advertising
  • School Promotion of Agribusiness Interests
  • Agribusiness Protecting the Status Quo
  • Wanted: Government Support

Chapter Four

  • Genetic Engineering and Biomedical Research
  • No Protection for Farm Animals
  • Who Controls the Food? Who Knows What We Eat?
  • Concerns and Doubts About Biotechnology
  • Gene Splicing
  • Embryo Transfer and Cloning
  • Who Needs Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone?
  • Consumers' Rights to Know Versus FDA Agenda
  • Genetic Engineering Versus Organic Agriculture
  • Bioethical Criteria

Chapter Five

  • A Sea of Troubled Waters: Factory Fishing and Aquaculture
  • Overfishing
  • Aquaculture, Aquabusiness: A Pharmaceutical Stew
  • Fish Hatcheries
  • Is Seafood Safe to Eat?

Chapter Six

  • Beware: You Are What You Eat
  • The Dangers of Eating Meat
  • Poisoned and Contaminated Meat
  • Milk Risks
  • Food and Our Emotions
  • Compassionate Kitchens

Chapter Seven

  • Power of the Plate: Eating for a Greener World
  • Less Meat, More Plants
  • The Natural Diet
  • Eating Wrong with USDA Recommendations
  • Foods That Heal
  • Nutritional Considerations
  • Plant-Based Solutions

Chapter Eight

  • Stopping the Wasteland
  • Organic Agriculture
  • Humane Sustainable Agriculture
  • Farm Animals in Sustainable Agriculture
  • The Seven Principles of Humane Sustainable Organic Agriculture

Chapter Nine

  • Change of Conscience: Actions and Solutions
  • Initiatives for Concerned and Conscientious Consumers
  • The Ten Commandments of Humane Organic Sustainable Agriculture
  • Chefs Join the Revolution
  • Consumer Beware: Products from Animal Suffering
  • Pets and Pet Food
  • Gourmet Products to Avoid
  • Community Supported Agriculture

Appendix: Mad Cow Disease Fact Sheet, Resources, Select Bibliography, Glossary, Endnotes, Index, About the Author


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