Spis treści: The Arsenic Century: How Victorian Britain was Poisoned at Home

List of Illustrations, s. xx

  1. "Such an Instrument of Death and Agony", s. 1
  2. "A New Race of Poisoners", s. 24
  3. A New Breed of Detectives, s. 52
  4. "The Chief Terror of Poisoners", s. 82
  5. A Penn'orth of Poison, s. 113
  6. "Sugared Death", s. 139
  7. "The Hue of Death, the Tint of the Grave", s. 169
  8. Walls of Death, s. 203
  9. Physician-Assisted Poisoning, s. 229
  10. "A Very Wholesome Poison", s. 262
  11. Poison in the Factory and on the Farm, s. 294
  12. "Dangers that Lie Wait in the Pint-Pot", s. 324

Abbreviations, s. 361
Notes, s. 365
Index, s. 405

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