Spis treści: Quantum Physics for Scientists and Technologists

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  • About the Author
  • About the Tech Editor
  • Periodic Table of the Elements
  • Fundamental Physical Constants
  • Important Combinations of Physical Constants

Preface: Science, Technology, and Quantum Physics: Mind the Gap

  1. First, There Was Classical Physics, s. 1
  2. Particle Behavior of Waves, s. 80
  3. Wave Behavior of Particles, s. 117
  4. Anatomy of an Atom, s. 150
  5. Principles and Formalism of Quantum Mechanics, s. 182
  6. The Anatomy and Physiology of an Equation, s. 210
  7. Quantum Mechanics of an Atom, s. 254
  8. Quantum Mechanics of Many-Electron Atoms, s. 287
  9. Quantum Mechanics of Molecules, s. 324
  10. Statistical Quantum Mechanics, s. 356
  11. Quantum Mechanics: A Thread Runs through It all, s. 405

Bibliography, s. 453
Index, s. 455

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