Spis treści: The Philosophy of Sex and Love: an Introduction

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Preface First Edition (1998), s. xv
Preface Second Edition, s. xvii
Acknowledgments, s. xix

PART ONE The Background

  • Chapter One: An Overview, s. 3
    Two Projects; The Significance of Sex and Love; Secret Pictures; Sexual Pluralism
  • Chapter Two: A History of the Philosophy of Sex and Love, s. 19
    The Ancients; Medieval Philosophy; Modern Philosophy; The Twentieth Century; Contemporary Philosophy


  • Chapter Three: Sexual Concepts, s. 47
    Analytic Questions; Sexual Activity; Sexual Desire; Social Constructionism; Polysemicity (polysemy); Sexual Sensations
  • Chapter Four: Sexual Perversion, s. 69
    St. Thomas Aquinas; Problems with Natural Law; Psychological Perversion; Psychiatry and Perversion; A Conceptual Framework
  • Chapter Five: Sexual Ethics, s. 89
    Contraception; Beyond Natural Law; Immanuel Kant; Contemporary Kantian Philosophy; Utilitarianism; Sadomasochism; Love
  • Chapter Six: Sexual Politics, s. 109
    Consent, Again; Pedophilia; Prostitution and Marriage; Marital Rape; Compulsory Heterosexuality; Pornography


  • Chapter Seven: Varieties of Love, s. 129
    What Is Love?; Love and Value; Eros and Agape; Evaluating and Assessing Love; The Fine Gold Thread; Concern and Benevolence; Union
  • Chapter Eight: Features of Love, s. 161
    Tangles in Theories of Love; Exclusivity; Uniqueness; Irreplaceability; Constancy; Reciprocity
  • Chapter Nine: Sex, Love, and Marriage, s. 189
    Pauline Marriage; The Links; Sex and Love; The Death of Desire; Saving Marriage; Reasons for Monogamy; Reasons for Marriage
  • Chapter Ten: Gender, s. 211
    Women and Men; Gender and Sex Surveys; Heterosexual Failure; Gendered Sexuality; Gendered Love

Endnotes, s. 231
Further Reading, s. 259
Bibliography, s. 265
Index, s. 307

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