Spis treści: Freud and the Far East

Acknowledgments, s. ix
Introduction, s. 1

Part I: Tales and Terrains

  1. Psychoanalysis in Japan, s. 9 / Keigo Okinogi
  2. Psychoanalysis in Korea, s. 27 / Do-Un Jeong and David Sachs
  3. Psychoanalysis in China, s. 43 / Douglas Kirsner and Elise Snyder

Part II: Traditions and Transformations

  1. Two Kinds of Guilt Feelings: The Ajase Complex, s. 61 / Heisaku Kosawa
  2. Amae: East and West, s. 71 Daniel Freeman
  3. Wa: Harmony and Sustenance of the Self in Japanese Lif, s. 79 / Mark Moore
  4. Psychoanalysis in the "Shame Culture" of Japan: ,A "Dramatic" Point of View, s. 89 / Osamu Kitayama
  5. The Butterfly Lovers: Psychodynamic Reflections on the Ancient Chinese Love Story "Liang-Zhu", s. 105 / June Cai
  6. The Filial Piety Complex: Variations on the Oedipus Theme in Chinese Literature and Culture, s. 115 / Ming Dong Gu
  7. Transformation of Korean Women: From Tradition to Modernity, s. 137 / Mikyum Kim
  8. The Food-Sex Equation: Psychoanalytic Reflections on Three Sizzling Movies from the Far East, s. 161 / Salman Akhtar and Monisha Nayar
  9. Zen, Martial Arts, and Psychoanalysis in Training the Mind of the Psychotherapis, s. 175 / Stuart Twemlow

Part III: Transpositions and Techniques

  1. The Chinese American Family: Some Psychoanalytic Speculations, s. 199 / June Y. Chu
  2. Second-Generation Korean Americans, s. 215 / Lois Choi-Kain
  3. An American-Japanese Transcultural Psychoanalysis and the Issue of Teacher Transference, s. 235 / Yasuhiko Taketomo
  4. Naikan - A Buddhist Self-Reflective Approach: Psychoanalytic and Cultural Reflections, s. 255 / Adeline van Waning
  5. Psychoanalytic Therapy across Civilizations: Asians and Asian Americans, s. 275 / Alan Roland

References, s. 293
Index, s. 311
About the Contributors, s. 325

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