Spis treści: The Dark Side of Creativity

List of Contributors

  1. The Dark Side of Creativity: What Is It? / Arthur J. Cropley
  2. Creativity Has No Dark Side / Mark A. Runco
  3. Positive Creativity and Negative Creativity (and Unintended Consequences) / Keith James andAisha Taylor
  4. Subjugating the Creative Mind: The Soviet Biological Weapons Program and the Role of the State / Maria N. Zaitseva
  5. Imagining the Bomb: Robert Oppenheimer, Nuclear Weapons, and the Assimilation of Technological Innovation / David K. Hecht
  6. The Innovation Dilemma: Some Risks of Creativity in Strategic Agency / James M. Jasper
  7. Early Creativity as a Constraint on Future Achievement / Jack A. Goncalo, Lynne C. Vincent, and Pino G. Audia
  8. Boundless Creativity / Kevin Hilton
  9. Reviewing the Art of Crime: What, If Anything, Do Criminals and Artists/Designers Have in Common? / Lorraine Gamman and Maziar Raein
  10. Creativity in Confinement / Jennie Kaufman Singer
  11. Creativity and Crime: How Criminals Use Creativity to Succeed / Russell Eisenman
  12. So You Want to Become a Creative Genius? You Must Be Crazy! / Dean Keith Simonton
  13. Both Sides of the Coin? Personality, Deviance, and Creative Behavior / Luis Daniel Gascon and James C. Kaufman
  14. Neurosis: The Dark Side of Emotional Creativity / James R. Averill and Elma P. Nunley
  15. Dangling from a Tassel on the Fabric of Socially Constructed Reality: Reflections on the Creative Writing Process / Liane Gabora and Nancy Holmes
  16. Creativity in the Classroom: The Dark Side / Arthur J. Cropley
  17. The Dark Side of Creativity and How to Combat It / Robert J. Sternberg
  18. A Systems Engineering Approach to Counterterrorism / Amihud Hari
  19. Malevolent Innovation: Opposing the Dark Side of Creativity / David H. Cropley
  20. Summary - The Dark Side of Creativity: A Differentiated Model / David H. Cropley
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