Spis treści: The Handbook of Global Communication and Media Ethics, Volume 1

Volume I

Notes on Contributors, s. ix
Preface, s. xix

  1. Primordial Issues in Communication Ethics, s. 1 / Clifford G. Christians
  2. Communication Ethics: The Wonder of Metanarratives in a Postmodern Age, s. 20 / Ronald C. Arnett
  3. Information, Communication, and Planetary Citizenship, s. 41 Luiz Martins da Silva
  4. Global Communication and Cultural Particularisms: The Place of Values in the Simultaneity of Structural Globalization and Cultural Fragmentation - The Case of Islamic Civilization, s. 54 / Bass am Tibi
  5. The Ethics of Privacy in High versus Low Technology Societie, s. 79 / Robert S. Fortner
  6. Social Responsibility Theory and Media Monopolies, s. 98 / P. Mark Fackler
  7. Ethics and Ideology: Moving from Labels to Analysis, s. 119 / Lee Wilkins
  8. Fragments of Truth: The Right to Communication as a Universal Value, s. 133 / Philip Lee
  9. Glocal Media Ethics, s. 154 / Shakuntala Rao
  10. Feminist Ethics and Global Media, s. 171 / Linda Steiner
  11. Words as Weapons: A History of War Reporting - 1945 to the Present, s. 193 / Richard Lance Keeble
  12. Multidimensional Objectivity for Global Journalism, s. 215 / Stephen J. A. Ward
  13. New Media and an Old Problem: Promoting Democracy, s. 234 / Deni Elliott and Amanda Decker
  14. The Dilemma of Trust, s. 247 / Ian Richards
  15. The Ethical Case for a Blasphemy Law, s. 263 / Neville Cox
  16. The Medium is the Moral, s. 298 / Michael Bugeja
  17. Development Ethics: The Audacious Agenda, s. 317 / Chloe Schwenke
  18. Indigenous Media Values: Cultural and Ethical Implications, s. 342 / Joe Grixti
  19. Media Ethics as Panoptic Discourse: A Foucauldian View, s. 364 / Ed McLuskie
  20. Ethical Anxieties in the Global Public Sphere, s. 376 Robert / S. Fortner
  21. Universalism versus Communitarianism in Media Ethics, s. 393 / Clifford G. Christians
  22. Responsibility of Net Users, s. 415 / Raphael Cohen-Almagor
  23. Media Ethics and International Organizations, s. 434 / CeesJ. Hamelink
  24. Making the Case for What Can and Should Be Published, s. 452 / Bruce C Swaffield
  25. Ungrievable Lives: Global Terror and the Media, s. 461 / Giovanna Borradori
  26. Journalism Ethics in the Moral Infrastructure of a Global Civil Society, s. 481 / Robert S. Fortner
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