Spis treści: The Handbook of Global Communication and Media Ethics, Volume 2

Volume II

  1. Problems of Application, s. 501 / P. Mark Fackler
  2. Disenfranchised and Disempowered: How the Globalized Media Treat Their Audiences - A Case from India, s. 516 / Anita Dighe
  3. Questioning Journalism Ethics in the Global Age: How Japanese News Media Report and Support Immigrant Law Revision, s. 534 / Kaori Hayashi
  4. Ancient Roots and Contemporary Challenges: Asian Journalists Try to Find the Balance, s. 554 / Jiafei Tin
  5. Understanding Bollywood, s. 577 Vijay Mishra
  6. Peace Communication in Sudan: Toward Infusing a New Islamic Perspective, s. 602 / Haydar Badawi Sadig and Hala Asmina Guta
  7. Media and Post-Election Violence in Kenya, s. 626 / P. Mark Fackler, Levi Obonyo, Mitchell Terpstra, and Emmanuel Okaalet
  8. Ethics of Survival: Media, Palestinians, and Israelis in Conflict, s. 655 / Oliver Witte
  9. Voiceless Glasnost: Responding to Government Pressures and Lack of a Free Press Tradition in Russia, s.  677 / Victor Akhterov
  10. Media Use and Abuse in Ethiopia, s. 700 / Zencbe Beyene
  11. Collective Guilt as a Response to Evil: The Case of Arabs and Muslims in the Western Media, s. 735 / Kasha A. Abdulla and Mervat Abou Oaf
  12. Journalists as Witnesses to Violence and Suffering, s. 752 / Amy Richards and Jolyon Mitchell
  13. Reporting on Religious Authority Complicit with Atrocity, s. 774 / Paul A. Soukup, S.J.
  14. The Ethics of Representation and the Internet, s. 785 / Boniface Omachonu Omatta
  15. Authors, Authority, Ownership, and Ethics in Digital Media and News, s. 803 / Jarice Hanson
  16. Ethical Implications of Blogging, s. 823 / Bernhard Debatin
  17. Journalism Ethics in a Digital Network, s. 845 / Jane B. Singer
  18. Now Look What You Made Me Do: Violence and Media Accountability, s. 864 / Peter Hulm
  19. Protecting Children from Harmful Influences of Media through Formal and Nonformal Media Education, s. 891 / Asbj0rn Simonnes and Gudmund Gjelsten
  20. Ethics and International Propaganda, s. 912 / Philip M. Taylor
  21. Modernization and Its Discontents: Ethics, Development, and the Diffusion of Innovations, s. 933 / Robert S. Former
  22. Communication Technologies in the Arsenal of Al Qaeda and Taliban: Why the West Is Not Winning the War on Terror, s. 953 / Haydar Badawi Sadig, Roshan Noorzai, and Hala Asmina Guta
  23. The Ethics of a Very Public Sphere: Differential Soundscapes and the Discourse of the Streets, s. 973 / Robert S. Fortner
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