Spis treści: The Cambridge Companion to the Sonnet

List of contributors, s. ix
Acknowledgements, s. x
Introduction, s. i

  1. A.D. COUSINS AND PETER HOWARTH: Contemporary poets and the sonnet: a trialogu, s. 6
  2. PAUL MULDOON, MEG TYLER AND JEFF HILSON, EDITED BY PETER HOWARTH: The sonnet and the lyric mode, s. 25
  3. HEATHER DUBROW: The sonnet, subjectivity and gender, s. 46
  4. DIANA E. HENDERSON: The English sonnet in manuscript, print and mass media, s. 66
  5. ARTHUR F. MAROTTI AND MARCELLE FREIMAN: European beginnings and transmissions: Dante, Petrarch and the sonnet sequence, s. 84
  6. WILLIAM J. KENNEDY: Desire, discontent, parody: the love sonnet in early modern England, s. 105
  7. CATHERINE BATES: Shakespeare's Sonnets, s. 125
  8. A.D. COUSINS: Sacred desire, forms of belief: the religious sonnetin early modern Britain, s. 145
  9. HELEN WILCOX: Survival and change: the sonnet from Milton to the Romantics, s. 166
  10. R.S. WHITE: The Romantic sonnet, s. 185
  11. MICHAEL O'NEILL: The Victorian sonnet, s. 204
  12. MATTHEW CAMPBEL: The modern sonnet, s. 225
  13. PETER HOWARTH: The contemporary sonnet, s. 245
  14. STEPHEN  BURT: Further reading, s. 267

Index, s. 271

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