Spis treści: A Companion to Mexican History and Culture

List of Figures, s. xi
Notes on Contributors, s. xv

Introduction: The Dimensions of the Mexican Experience, s. 1

PART I: The Mexican Experience, s. 11

  1. Living the Vida Local: Contours of Everyday Life / William E. French, s. 13
  2. On the Street Corner where Stereotypes are Born:Mexico City / Ricardo Perez Montfort, 1940-1968, s. 34
  3. Consumption and Material Culture from Pre-Contact through the Porfiriato / Steven B. Bunker and Victor M. Macias-Gonzalez, s. 54
  4. Consumption and Material Culture in the Twentieth Century /  Steven B. Bunker and Victor M. Macias-Gonzalez, s. 83
  5. Geographic Regionalism and Natural Diversity / Christopher R. Boyer, s. 119
  6. The Cactus Metaphor / David Tetman, s. 131

PART II: The Indigenous World Before the Europeans, s. 143

  1. The Gods Depart: Riddles of the Rise, Fall, and Regeneration of Mesoamerica's Indigenous Societies /  Susan Kellogg, s. 145
  2. Painting History, Reading Painted Histories: Ethnoliteracy in Prehispanic Oaxaca and Colonial Central Mexico /  Elizabeth Bakewell and Byron Ellsworth Hamann, s. 163

PART III: The Silver Heart of the Spanish Empire: Colonial Experiences, s. 193

  1. The Gods Return: Conquest and Conquest Society (1502-1610) / Matthew Restall and Robert Schwaller, s. 195
  2. The Kingdom of New Spain in the Seventeenth Century / Linda A. Curcio-Nagy, s. 209
  3. The Enlightened Colony /  Susan M. Deeds, s. 230

PART IV: Two Centuries of Independence: The Republican Century, s. 249

  1. Independence and the Generation of the Generals /  Christon I. Archer, 1810-1848, s. 251
  2. The U.S. Intervention in Mexico, 1846-1848 / Linda Arnold, s. 262
  3. Republicans and Monarchists, 1848-1867 / Erika Pant, s. 273
  4. The Civilian and the General, 1867-1911 / Paul Garner, s. 288
  5. The Penal Code of 1871: From Religious to Civil Control of Everyday Life / Kathryn A. Sloan, s. 302
  6. Conquering the Environment and Surviving Natural Disasters / James A. Garza, s. 316
  7. Indigenism in General and the Maya in Particular in the Nineteenth Century / Terry Rugeley and Michele M. Stephens, s. 328
  8. A Brief History of the Historia moderna de Mexico / Servanda Ortoll and Pablo Piccato, s. 339
  9. The House at Sadi Carnot 33: Amateur Photography and Domestic Architecture in Porfirian Culture / Patricia Masse, s. 361
  10. Disorder and Control: Crime, Justice and Punishment in Porfirian and Revolutionary Society / Elisa Speckman Guerra, s. 371
  11. Military and Nation in Mexico, 1821-1916, s. 390 Stephen Neufeld

PART V: Two Centuries of Independence:  The Revolutionary Century, s. 405

  1. The Sonoran Dynasty and the Reconstruction of the Mexican State / Jiirgen Buchenau, s. 407
  2. Creating a Revolutionary Culture: Vasconcelos, Indians, Anthropologists, and Calendar Girls / William H. Beezley, s. 420
  3. Counter Revolutionary Programs: Social Catholicism and the Cristeros / Daniel Newcomer, s. 439
  4. The Apogee of Revolution, 1934-1946 / Susie Porter, s. 453
  5. The Revolution's Second Generation: The Miracle, 1946-1982 and Collapse of the PRI, 1982-2000 / Roderic Ai. Camp Special Themes, s. 468
  6. Photographing Indian Peoples: Ethnography as Kaleidoscope / Deborah Dorotinsky, s. 480
  7. Challenges, Political Opposition, Economic Disaster, Natural Disaster and Democratization, 1968 to 2000 / Ariel Rodriguez Kuri, s. 493
  8. Fighting Bacteria, the Bible, and the Bottle: Projects to Create New Men, Women, and Children, 1910-1940 / Gretchen Pierce, s. 505
  9. Environment and Environmentalism / Emily Wakild, s. 518
  10. Peculiarities of Mexican Diplomacy / Monica Rankin and Dina Berger, s. 538
  11. Science and Public Health in the Century of Revolution / Gabriela Soto Laveaga and Claudia Agostoni, s. 561
  12. A Century of Childhood: Growing up in Twentieth-Century Mexico / Elena Jackson Albarran, s. 575
  13. De Pie y en Lucha! Indigenous Mobilizations After 1940 / Maria L. Olin Munoz, s. 589
  14. Mexican Immigration to the United States Timothy J. Henderson, s. 604
  15. Sex, Death and Structuralism: Alternative Views of the Twentieth Century / Paul Gillingham, s. 616
  16. For Further Research: Space, Sense, and Sensibility / Ageeth Sluis, s. 633

Index, s. 654

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