Spis treści: Structural analysis

Preface, s. vii

  • Chapter 1 Those Dumb Artists: Amnesiacs, Artists, and other Idiots / Dena Shottenkirk and Anjan Chatterjee
  • Chapter 2 The Structure and Function of Vegetal Ecosystems of Semiarid Areas in Northeastern Mexico, s. 21 / P. Rahim Foroughbakhch, Glafiro J. Alanis Flores, Jorge L. Hernandez Pinero and Artemio Carrillo Parra
  • Chapter 3 Structural Analysis of Metal-Oxide Nanostructures, s. 51 / Ahsanulhaq Qurashi, M. Faiz and N. Tabet
  • Chapter 4 A Method for Supporting Efforts to Improve Employee Motivation Using a Covariance Structure, s. 73 / Yumiko Taguchi, Daisuke Yatsuzuka and Tsutomu Tabe
  • Chapter 5 A Block Multifrontal Substructure Method for Solving Linear Algebraic Equation Sets in fe Analysis Software, s. 93 / Sergiy Fialko
  • Chapter 6 Non Linear Structural Analysis. Application for Evaluating Seismic Safety, s. 101 / Juan Carlos Vielma, Alex Barbat and Sergio Oiler
  • Index, s. 129
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