Spis treści: Introduction to the Theory of the Early Universe

Preface, s. vii

  1. Jeans Instability in Newtonian Gravity, s. 1
  2. Cosmological Perturbations in General Relativity. Equations of Linearized Theory, s. 13
  3. Evolution of Vector and Tensor Perturbations, s. 47
  4. Scalar Perturbations: Single-Component Fluids, s. 53
  5. Primordial Perturbations in Real Universe, s. 61
  6. Scalar Perturbations before Recombination, s. 81
  7. Structure Formation, s. 103
  8. *Beyond Ideal Fluid Approximation, s. 133
  9. Temperature of Cosmic Microwave Background, s. 197
  10. *CMB Polarization, s. 239
  11. Drawbacks of the Hot Big Bang Theory. Inflation as Possible Way Out, s. 279
  12. Inflation in Slow Roll Regime, s. 291
  13. Generation of Cosmological Perturbations at Inflation, s. 313
  14. Further Aspects of Inflationary Theory, s. 347
  15. Preheating after Inflation, s. 371
  16. Bouncing Universe, s. 401
  17. Color Pages, s. 409

Appendix A Exact Solutions for Gravitating Matte, s. 415

A.l Gravitational Collapse in Newtonian Theory, s. 415
A.2 Spherical Collapse of Pressureless Fluid in General Relativity, s. 418

Appendix B Derivation of Linearized Einstein Equations, s. 425

Appendix C Gaussian Random Variables and Gaussian Random Fields, s. 433

C.l Properties of Gaussian Random Variables, s. 433
C.2 Gaussian Random Fields, s. 438

Appendix D Fermions in Gravitational Fields, s. 443

D.l Lorentz Group as Gauge Group, s. 443
D.2 Fermion Action and Dirac Equation, s. 447

Appendix E Particle Creation in Background Fields. Method of Bogoliubov Transformations, s. 451

E.l Bosons, s. 451
E.2 Fermions, s. 457

Appendix F Some Special Functions and Their Properties, s. 463

F.l Spherical Bessel Functions ji (x) of Integer Order, s. 463
F.2 Legendre Polynomials Pn(x) and Spherical

Harmonics Ylm(n)  469
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Bibliography 479
Index 487

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