Spis treści: Trauma and Ethics in the Novels of Graham Swift

Acknowledgements Abbreviations, s. VI

  1. Introduction    Walking Wounded, s. 1
  2. What Went Before: A Swift Survey, s. 5
  3. Burying 'Undying Memories': Traumatic Denial in  The Sweet Shop Owner, s. 25
  4. Getting Rid of 'Needless Painful Knowledge': Problem Dissolving in Shuttlecock, s. 44
  5. 'To Be Realistic': Close Encounters of a Traumatic Kind in Waterland, s. 70
  6. Cathartic Fables, Fabled Catharses: Photography, Fiction and Ethics in Out of this World, s. 104
  7. When Mourning Comes: Ever After, or The World Well Won, s. 120
  8. 'All the Same Underneath'? Sympathy and Ethics in Last Orders, s. 146
  9. Adieu: Stepping into The Light of Day, s. 166
  10. Conclusion A Pathless Path, s. 182



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