Spis treści: The Archaeology of Nostalgia

Preface, s. 7

  1. The Function of the Past in Greece: Our Sources, s. 17
  2. Fossilized History: Them Bones, s. 33
  3. Homes Fit For Heroes, s. 45
  4. Realia et Naturalia, s. 79
  5. Imaging the Past: Here be Monsters, s.  127
  6. Imaging the Past: The Hero and the Heroic, s. 157
  7. Conclusion, s. 183

Abbreviations, s. 194
Notes, s. 195
Acknowledgements, s. 204
General Index, s. 205
Index of Names and Places in the Testimonia, s. 234
Index of Subjects in the Testimonia, s. 239

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