Spis treści: Eros Revisited

Introduction, s. vii

  1. Conceptions of Eros?, s. 1
  2. The Origin as Myth: The Beginning of Eros, s. 19
  3. The Lying Ego, s. 43
  4. Is There a Heterosexual World Out There?, s.  69
  5. Heterosexuality Revisited, s. 115
  6. The Double Detachment of Eros, s. 123
  7. Lethe and Aletheia Revisited, s. 139
  8. The Modern Desiring-Machine Revealed, s. 155
  9. The Tragedy of Correct and Assertive Seeming, s. 177
  10. The Oblivion of Eros, s. 185
  11. The State (polis) and the (Im)possibility of Turning Towards the Indeterminate Other, s. 193
  12. The Principle of Non-Contradiction: The Philosopher Is and Is Not a Sophist, s. 201
  13. Plato's Phaedrus: The Possibility and Impossibility of Articulating Eros, s. 263

Epilogue: Friendship Revisited
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