Spis treści: Snake Oil Science


  1. The Rise of Complementary and Alternative Therapies, s. 1
  2. A Brief History of Placebos, s. 23
  3. Natural Impediments to Making Valid Inferences, s. 37
  4. Impediments That Prevent Physicians and Therapists from Making Valid Inferences, s. 59
  5. Impediments That Prevent Poorly Trained Scientists from Making Valid Inferences, s. 69
  6. Why Randomized Placebo Control Groups Are Necessary in CAM Research, s. 83
  7. Judging the Credibility and Plausibility of Scientific Evidence, s. 101
  8. Some Personal Research Involving Acupuncture, s. 113
  9. How We Know That the Placebo Effect Exists, s. 127
  10. A Biochemical Explanation for the Placebo Effect, s. 143
  11. What High-Quality Trials Reveal About CAM, s. 167
  12. What High-Quality Systematic Reviews Reveal About CAM
  13. How CAM Therapies Are Hypothesized to Work, s. 255
  14. Tying Up a Few Loose Ends, s. 277

NOTES, s. 295
INDEX, s. 317

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