Spis treści: The Poison Paradox

List of Tables, s. x
List of Figures, s. xi

  • Poisons: Old Art, New Science, s. 1
  • Bodily Functions: What Chemicals Do to Us and What We Do to Them, s. 11
  • Keep Taking the Medicine: There are No Safe Drugs, Only Safe Ways of Using Them, s. 48
  • Blood, Sweat, and Tears: Pesticides, s.  89
  • First the Cats Died: Environmental Contaminants, s. 110
  • Natural Born Killers: Poisonous Chemicals Designed by Nature, s. 145
  • The Mad Hatter and a Bad Case of Acne: Industrial Chemicals, s. 165
  • Under the Sink and in the Garden Shed: Household Poisons, s. 184
  • Rasputin's Revenge: Chemicals Used to Kill, s. 213
  • Ginger Jake and Spanish Oil: Toxic Food Constituents and Contaminants, s. 239
  • Butter Yellow and Scheele's Green: Food Additives, s. 269
  • A Risky Business: Assessment of Chemical Hazards and Risks, s. 282

Endnotes, s. 314
Further Reading, s. 322
Glossary, s. 324
Units of Measurement, s. 333
Index, s. 334

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