Spis treści: Suppression of the Erotic in Modern Hebrew Literature

Acknowledgements, s. xi

Introduction, s. l

Censorship in the service of culture and identity formation, s. 3
Obscenity as cultural construct, s. 4
Literary and cultural agents, s. 10
The corpus, s. 12

Chapter l: Obscene Literature: Norms and Laws, s. 15

Legislation, s. 16
The "Victorians": norm becomes law, s. 16
Crisis of legislation, s. 22
Sexual liberation and reversal of norms, s. 22
Normative societal changes, s. 27
Aftermath of the sexual liberation, s. 27
Porn and pseudo-scientific literature, s. 29
Moral enforcement in other parts of the world, s. 33
Law, norm, and moral enforcement in France, s. 33
Obscenity laws in Japan, s. 37
The sexual revolution in Russia, s. 40
The Danish case, s. 43

Chapter 2- Moral Enforcement in Israel, s. 45

Israeli obscenity laws, s. 45
Censorship or self-censorship?, s. 53
Books on trial in Israel, s. 57
On the Way, 1966-1969, Golgotha Publishing, Jerusalem, s. 61
Bawdy Limericks, 1975-1978, Clitoris Publishing, s. 67

Chapter 3: "Sabra Puritanism", s. 74

The myth of sexual equality and freedom, s. 75
Changing the image of the Jew and Judaism: toward avirile New Hebrew , s.  78
Nationalism: a male movement, s. 84
Fear of the emancipated woman, s. 89
Sex Utopias, s. 91
War: a virile myth, s. 94
Sublimation, s. 96
The melting-pot ideology, s. 103

Chapter 4- Puritan Representation in Canonic Literature no Literary images of the puritan Sabra and the (sexually menacing) other in the 1940s and 1950s, s. 111

Ziklag Days by S. Yizhar, 1958 , s. 111
The Sabras, s. 112
The non-Sabra other-, spit and obscenity, s. 116
The Oriental other-, menacing sexuality, s. 119
'Armand and Elise" by Nathan Shaham, 1958, s. 120
Instilling fear of sexuality in literary images of the 1960s and 1970s, s. 128

Chapter 5: The Centre and the Periphery, s. 131

The (puritan) centre, s.  131
Creation and development of popular literature, s. 137
Pulp fiction-, the pocketbook, s. 141
K. Zetnick and the Stalacjs, s. 163
Puritanism and taboo, s. 170
Pseudo-scientific literature, s. 173
Stylistic norms of the sex guides, s. 185
Sex guides: information or titillation?, s. 187

Chapter 6 The Quest for Acceptance and Legitimization in the Literary Periphery: Banned Books and Pulp Fiction , s. 193

Banned books and erotic realism , s. 197
Modes of acceptance, s. 205
Censored, marginalized, canonized: Lady Cbatterley's Lover by D.H. Lawrence, s. 206
Never fully accepted: Tropic oj Cancer by Henry Miller, s. 214
From pulp fiction to the canon: Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, s. 223
Remained in the periphery: Fanny Hill Memoirs oj a Woman oj Pleasure by John Cleland, s. 228
Belated acceptance: Histoire d'O by Pauline Reage, s. 238
Almost banned: The Lover by Stanley Kaufman, s. 243

Chapter 7- Translation Tactics: Between xpurgation and Embellishment, s. 246

Expurgating the banned books, s. 246
Censorship versus self-censorship in two translations of Lady Cbatterley's Lover, s. 248
Meahava shel Lady Chatterley — the 1938 Krupnik version:Large-scale omissions, s. 248
Meahava shel Lady Chatterley — the 1964 Karu (Krupnik) version: Smaller-scale omissions, s. 250
Attempts at more daring lexical solutions: Henry Miller's Tropic oj Cancer, s. 255
Hugo shel sartan, translated by Shula Efroni, 1962, s. 255
Nabokov's Lolita-. pornography or "litachure"?, s. 257
Lolita, translated by Yosef Varhaftig, 195, s. 257
Contradictory norms: the double life of Boccaccio's Decameron, s. 260
"Reverse" censorship in translations of Cleland's Fanny Hill, s. 264
Lost in translation: Frank Harris's My Life and Loves, 1923, s. 269

Chapter 8: Attempts at Constructing an Erotic/ Sexual Repertoire, s. 274

Translation/pseudo-translation repertoire in pulp fiction, s. 288
Description of intercourse in sex scenes, s. 288
Explicit terms for sexual parts, s. 290
Pornographic repertoire in magazines, s. 320
The sex guides: coping with a new lexical (and literary) repertoire, s. 303

Chapter 9: First Sabra Pornographic Novel: Dahn Ben-Amotz's Screwing Isn't Everything, s. 319

The new model: a Sabra Frank Harris, s. 324
Pornographic elements, s. 324
Lexical and literary repertoire, s. 334

Chapter 10: Language Impoverishment, s. 337

"Furiously as a plough into the womb of the earth": the pornography of Amos Oz, s. 343
S. Yizhar and the "smoothness of her neck", s. 346
Shahar's "royal scepter", s. 348
Subversive trends and the updating of the repertoire, s. 352
Aftermath, s. 361

Glossary, s. 367
Appendix A, s. 369
Appendix B-. Translation and the Cinema, s. 371
Endnotes, s. 375
Annotated References, s. 385
Internet sites, s. 413

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