Spis treści: Jewish Bialystok and Its Diaspora

Acknowledgments, s. ix
Note on Orthography and Transliteration, s. xiii

  • INTRODUCTION: Between Exile and Empire: Visions of Jewish Dispersal in the Age of Mass Migration, s. 1
  • CHAPTER I: The Dispersal Within: Bialystok, Jewish Migration, and Urban Life in the Borderlands of Eastern Europe, s. 19
  • CHAPTER 2: Rebuilding Homeland in Promised Lands, s. 69
  • CHAPTER 3: "Buying Bricks for Bialystok": Philanthropy and the Bonds of the New Jewish Diaspora, s. 131
  • CHAPTER 4: Rewriting the Jewish Diaspora: Images of Bialystok in the Transnational Bialystok Jewish Press, 1921-1949, s. 176
  • CHAPTER 5: Shifting Centers, Conflicting Philanthropists: Rebuilding, Resettling, and Remembering Jewish Bialystok in the Post-Holocaust Era, s. 207
  • EPILOGUE: Diaspora and the Politics of East European Jewish Identity in the Age of Mass Migration, s. 244

Notes, s. 253
Bibliography, s. 313
Index, s. 351

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