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Archive of interesting books (from October 2008)


Allure and Devotion in Late Renaissanse Painting

Okładka książki : Allure and Devotion in Late Renaissanse Painting

Stuart Lingo, Federico Barocci: Allure and Devotion in Late Renaissanse Painting, Yale University Press, ISBN 9780300121254

Federico Barocci was among the most admired painters in sixteenth- century Italy, but the distinctive nature of his compelling altarpieces and their historical importance have never been fully understood. This important study relates Barocci's achievements to transformations in the theory and practice of painting during an era in which pictorial developments generated deep tensions for ecclesiastical art. Barocci was celebrated as one of the only painters whose religious works combined the sensuous allure increasingly desired in modern art with profound devotion. Stuart Lingo reconstructs how the painter accomplished his artistic and cultural miracle. In so doing, he offers new insights into critical artistic issues in the late Renaissance, from the cultural significance of stylistic choices to the early development of analogies between painting and music as affective arts.



Dictionary of Artifacts

Okładka książki : Dictionary of Artifacts

Barbara Ann Kipfer, Dictionary of Artifacts, Blackwell Publishing 2007, ISBN 9781405118873

“The nearly 3,000 entries are written in a style suitable for both specialists and general readers. They clarify terminology relating to many types of artifacts representing different time periods, cultures and functions. Beyond a basic level of identification by form and common characteristics, entries also address, as appropriate, questions of analysis, preservation and proper care, decoration, production methods and technology, well-known examples of each type of artifact, and types that are uniquely classified by their substance of manufacture.”

“An extremely useful handbook. It is comprehensive while being concise. A great tool for teachers, students, curators and all who have interest in craft and technology!” – Rolf Winkes, Brown University.


The Cambridge History of Jewish Philosophy

Okładka książki : The Cambridge History of Jewish Philosophy

Steven Nadler, T.M. Rudavsky, The Cambridge History of Jewish Philosophy: From Antiquity through the Seventeenth Century, Cambridge University Press 2009, ISBN 9780521843232

The first volume in this comprehensive work is an exploration of the history of Jewish philosophy from its beginnings in antiquity to the early-modern period, with a particular emphasis on medieval Jewish thought. Unlike most histories, encyclopedias, guides or companions of Jewish philosophy, this volume is organized by philosophical topic rather than by chronology or individual figures. There are sections on logic and language; natural philosophy; epistemology, philosophy of mind, and psychology; metaphysics and philosophical theology; and practical philosophy. There are also chapters on the intellectual background of Jewish philosophy, including Islamic and Greek thought and the Jewish philosophical textual traditions. With essays by leading scholars in the field, this volume provides the reader with a wonderful overview of the richness and sophistication of Jewish philosophy in its golden age.



Mathematics for Physics: A Guided Tour for Graduate Students

Okładka książki : Mathematics for Physics

Michael Stone, Paul Goldbart, Mathematics for Physics: A Guided Tour for Graduate Students, Cambridge University Press 2009, ISBN 9780521854030

In an engaging manner written account of mathematical tools and ideas, this book provides a graduate-level introduction to the mathematics used in research in physics. The first half of the book focuses on the traditional mathematical methods of physics - differential and integral equations, Fourier series and the calculus of variations. The second half contains an introduction to more advanced subjects, including differential geometry, topology and complex variables. The authors' exposition avoids excess rigor whilst explaining subtle but important points often glossed over in more elementary texts. The topics are illustrated at every stage by carefully chosen examples, exercises and problems drawn from realistic physics settings. These make it useful both as a textbook in advanced courses and for self-studyp>



Einstein's Generation: The Origins of the Relativity Revolution

Okładka książki : Einstein's Generation

Richard Staley, Einstein's Generation: The Origins of the Relativity Revolution, The University of Chicago Press 2008, ISBN 9780226770574

„Einstein's Generation” offers a distinctive new approach to the origins of modern physics by exploring both the material culture that stimulated relativity and the reaction of Einstein's colleagues to his pioneering work. Richard Staley weaves together the diverse strands of experimental and theoretical physics, commercial instrument making, and the sociology of physics around 1900 to present a complete view of the collective efforts of a group whose work helped set the stage for Einstein's revolutionary theories and the transition from classical to modern physics that followed. „Einstein's Generation” tells the story of a group of individuals whose work engendered some of the most significant advances of the twentieth century - and challenges our celebration of Einstein's era above all others.

“Any book that emphasizes the setting of a scientific change is to be welcomed and, where Einstein is concerned, is to be doubly welcomed. Staley`s overall project, then, is a great one.” Henry Collins, author of Rethinking Expertise.



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