Interesting New Books: November 2008

Archive of interesting books (from October 2008)


The Oxford encyclopedia of woman in world history

Okładka książki: The Oxford encyclopedia of woman in world history
The Oxford encyclopedia of woman in world history. Vol. 1 - 4, Editor Bonnie G. Smith. Oxford University Press, 2008ISBN 9780195148909

"[Its] global perspective, bolstered by the fact that the 900 or so contributors represent 'some fifty countries around the world', is one of the set's most important contributions....By merging women's and world history, the impeccably produced Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History earns a place on the reference shelves of academic and large public libraries.", Mary Ellen Quinn, Booklist

"Smith does an admirable job of summarizing and synthesizing a vast academic literature in clear, jargon-free language that will engage scholars and general readers alike....Highly recommended for academic and public libraries.", CHOICE


Understanding global media

Okładka książki: Understanding global media
Terry Flew: Understanding global media. Palgrave, 2007. ISBN 9781403920485

Understanding Global Media offers a comprehensive overview of global media production and circulation. The book analyzes media industries, production, content, audiences and policies on an international scale and draws insight from a range of perspectives, including politics, media and cultural studies, and economic and cultural geography []



The Oxford handbook of hypnosis

Okładka książki: The Oxford handbook of hypnosis
The Oxford handbook of hypnosis. Edited by Michael R. Nash, Amanda J. Barnier. Oxford University Press, 2008. ISBN 9780198570097

“The Oxford handbook of hypnosis is the successor to Fromm and Nash’s Contemporary Hypnosis Research (Guilford Press), which has long been regarded as the field’s authoritative scholarly reference for practitioners and researchers alike”.



Epistemology. An anthology

Okładka książki: Epistemology. An antology
Epistemology. An anthology. Edited by Ernest Sosa, Jaegwon Kim, Jeremy  Fantl.  Second edition. Blackwell Publishing, 2008. ISBN 9781405169660

“This excellent anthology contains outstanding papers written on both traditional and cutting edge issues in epistemology. Every major topic and every major approach to those topics is covered through selections representing many of the most influential figures in contemporary analytic epistemology. It is without doubt the best text of its kind”. 
                                Richard Fumerton , University of  Iowa



A history of modern Africa. 1800 to the present

Okładka książki: A history of modern Africa
Richard J. Reid: A history of modern Africa. 1800 to the present. Oxford [etc.], Wiley-Blackwell, 2009. ISBN 9781405132657

“This is a comprehensive, appealing and highly-accessible history of modern Africa which the continent’s turbulent past and contested present in all its variety and complexity. Its combination of sound scholarship, clear writing and humane understanding make it an important contribution to understanding of recent African history”.
                                                     Professor Bill Nasson, University of Cape Town



  • A Companion to the Works of Johann Gottfried Herder
    Book cover:A Companion to the Works of Johann Gottfried Herder
  • Anxiety Disorders
    Book cover:Anxiety Disorders
  • Books in our future
    Book cover:Books in our future
  • Meine polnische Bibliothek
    Book cover:Meine polnische Bibliothek
  • Filmische Grenzen und Nachbarschaften
    Book cover:Filmische Grenzen und Nachbarschaften
  • Dust
    Book cover:Dust
  • Embodied Faith
    Book cover:Embodied Faith
  • Information Users and Usability in the Digital Age
    Book cover:Information Users and Usability in the Digital Age
  • Loving Psychoanalysis
    Book cover:Loving Psychoanalysis
  • Musimathics 2
    Book cover:Musimathics 2

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