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Onelog makes it possible to access the majority of electronic services of the University Library from one platform.
Depending on where you log in, there are two types of access available: 
  • Access from computer stations in the University network, obtained after typing in the password of a given unit. A list of passwords is available here.
  • Access for researchers, PhD. students and students at the University from computer stations located outside the University network. In order to open a Onelog account, it is necessary to fill in the user card and sign a licence which obliges the user to obey the copyright and provisions of the licence. Students sign up in person, and the student user card is available in each branch of the University Library.
  • Before you log into the system, please read the instruction "Configuration of browser for Onelog" and "Load and install ICA client"

The user card for employees and PhD students at the University of Silesia is available here PDF

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