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Preface to Third Edition, s. v
Preface to Second Edition, s. vii
Preface to First Edition, s. ix
List of Contributors, s. x
Frequently Used Abbreviations, s. xxxi



  • Basic Elements of Toxicology, s. 3
    Bryan Ballantyne, Timothy C. Marrs and Tore Syversen
  • Acute Toxicity, s. 57
    David J. Andrew
  • Repeated Exposure Toxicity, s. 73
    Bryan Ballantyne
  • Biotransformation of Xenobiotics, s. 89
    John A. Timbrell and Timothy C. Marrs
  • Toxicokinetics of Xenobiotic and Metabolite Distribution and Excretion, s. 127
    Mario A. Inchiosa, Jr. and Mario E. Inchiosa
  • Toxicokinetics, s. 147
    Ashley Roberts and Andrew G. Renwick
  • Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Modelling, s. 181
    Hon-Wing Leung
  • Toxicology of Chemical Mixtures, s. 197
    Kannan Krishnan and Jonathan Boyd
  • Evaluation of Toxicological Interactions for the Dose-Response Assessment of Chemical Mixtures, s. 211
    Kannan Krishnan, Sastry Isukapalli and Jonathan Boyd


  • Molecular and Cellular Concepts in Toxicology, s. 229
    Michael A. Lynes
  • Cell Death and Apoptosis, s. 247
    Sidhartha D. Ray and George B. Corcoran
  • Introduction to Mitochondrial Toxicity, s. 313
    Yvonne Will and James A. Dykens
  • Toxicity of Peroxisome Proliferators, s. 333
    John P. Vanden Heuvel
  • Cellular Tight Junctions as Mediators of Adverse Effects, s. 345
    Yula Sambuy
  • Reactive Oxygen Species in the Induction of Toxicity, s. 367
    Giorgio Lenaz and Paola Strocchi
  • Glutathione and Glutathione-S-Transferase in Detoxification Mechanisms, s. 411
    Xianchun Li
  • Nitric Oxide Pathways in Toxic Responses, s. 425
    Jeffrey D. Laskin, Diane E. Heck and Debra L. Laskin
  • A Metabolomic Perspective of Small Molecule Toxicity, s. 439
    Andrew D. Patterson and Jeffrey R. Idle
  • Xenobiotic-Induced Inflammation: Pathogenesis and Mediators, s. 467
    Peter J. M. Clements
  • Chemokines as Mediators of Toxicant-Induced Inflammation and Fibrosis, s. 499
    Francois Huaux, Sandra Lo Re and Dominique Lison
  • Toxicogenomics and the Evolution of Systems Toxicology, s. 511
    Michael D. Waters and B. Alex Merrick
  • Endocrine Disruption in Toxic Responses, s. 539
    Shigeyuki Kitamura, Kazumi Sugihara, Kazuo Nakamura, Yaichiro Kotake, Akihiko Kashiwagi and Nariaki Fujimoto



  • Environmental and Endogenous Factors Determining the Expression of Toxicity, s. 585
    Karen E. Stine
  • Chronotoxicology, s. 599
    Karam F. Soliman and Elizabeth A. Mazzio
  • Effects of Chirality on Toxicity, s. 621
    Mae Grace Nilos, Jay Gan and Daniel Schlenk
  • The Influence of Temperature on Toxicity, s. 643
    Christopher J. Gordon and Pamela J. Rowsey
  • Development of Tolerance to the Toxicity of Xenobiotics, s. 659
    Frode Fonnum


  • Statistics for Toxicology, s. 675
    Peter N. Lee and David Lovell
  • Pathological Techniques in Toxicology, s. 691
    Peter Greaves
  • Clinical Chemistry in Toxicity Testing: Scope and Methods, s. 707
    Sylvie Gosselin, Lila Ramaiah and Lesley Earl
  • Haematology and Toxicology, s. 743
    Timothy C. Marrs and Simon Warren
  • Imaging Techniques in Neurotoxicology Research and Development, s. 763
    Philippe Hantson and Thierry Duprez
  • Alternatives to In vivo Studies in Toxicology, s. 779
    Shayne C. Gad
  • Antidotal Studies, s. 809
    D. Nicholas Bateman and Timothy C. Marrs
  • Toxicity Data Obtained From Human Studies, s. 823
    Martin F. Wilks and Hugo Kupferschmidt
  • Significance of Biochemical Markers in Applied Toxicology, s. 847
    Fernando Gil and Antonio F. Hernandez
  • Oncology Biomarkers, s. 859
    Michael A. Tainsky
  • Quality Assurance in Toxicology Studies, s. 889
    J. Rodney Pateman
  • Animal Welfare in the Toxicology Laboratory, s. 901
    Roy C. Myers and Bennett J. Varsho
  • Chemical and Biological Occupational Hazards in the Toxicology Laboratory, s. 929
    Bryan Ballantyne
  • Information Resources for Toxicology, s. 945
    Philip Thomas Copestake


  • Toxicities Associated with Parenteral Nutrition, s. 959
    Judy L. Aschner and Heather M. Furlong
  • Peroral Toxicity, s. 979
    William J. Brock
  • Cutaneous Toxicology, s. 1003
    Jim E. Riviere and Nancy A. Monteiro-Riviere
  • Inhalation Toxicity, s. 1017
    Geoff H. Pigott
  • Mixed Routes of Exposure, s. 1039
    John J. Clary



  • Neurotoxicology, s. 1049
    Frode Fonnum
  • The Role of Behavioural Toxicity in Risk Assessment, s. 1071
    Bernard Weiss
  • Peripheral Chemosensory Irritation: Fundamentals, Investigation and Applied Considerations, s. 1093
    Bryan Ballantyne
  • Responses of the Kidney to Toxic Compounds, s. 1125
    Edward A. Lock
  • Allergic Asthma and Rhinitis: Toxicological Considerations, s. 1153
    Jean F. Regal
  • Laboratory Recognition of Potential Xenobiotic Respiratory Sensitizers, s. 1169
    Marsha D.W. Ward and Cherie Pucheu-Haston
  • Ophthalmic Toxicology, s. 1183
    Bryan Ballantyne
  • Cutaneous Toxicology, s. 1251
    Steven J. Hermansky
  • Photoallergy, s. 1279
    Ruta Dubakiene
  • Ototoxicity, s. 1293
    Andrew Forge, Ruth Taylor and Ernest S. Harpur
  • Cardiac Toxicology, s. 1329
    Lalita A. Bharadwaj
  • Cardiac Toxicity of Anthracyclines, s. 1351
    Richard D. Olson and Barry J. Cusack
  • Hepatotoxicity, s. 1369
    Richard H. Hinton, Paul Grasso and Timothy C. Marrs
  • Toxicology of the Exocrine Pancreas, s. 1411
    John R. Foster
  • Skeletal Muscle Toxicology, s. 1457
    M. Alexander Kenaston, Ellen A. Abramson, Matthew E. Pfeiffer and Edward M. Mills
  • Cartilage and Bone as Target Tissues for Toxic Materials, s. 1491
    Alan B.G. Lansdown
  • Toxicology of the Endocrine System, s. 1525
    Robert W. Kapp Jr. and John A. Thomas
  • Immunotoxicology, s. 1561
    Robert W. Luebke, Celine A. Beamer, Christal Bowman, Jamie DeWitt, Kymberly Gowdy, Victor J. Johnson, David M. Shepherd and Dori M. Germolec
  • Phototoxicology, s. 1585
    J. Frank Nash



  • Mutagenesis, s. 1601
    Anthony Lynch
  • Cytogenetics, s. 1683
    Diana Anderson, Adolf Baumgartner and Eduardo Cemeli
  • Genetic Toxicology Testing and its Relevance to Human Risk and Safety Evaluation, s. 1711
    Elisabeth Lorge
  • Carcinogenesis and Carcinogens that are also Genotoxic, s. 1733
    Douglas McGregor
  • Nongenotoxic or Epigenetic Carcinogenesis, s. 1757
    Christopher J. Powell and Sir Colin Berry
  • Structure-Activity Relationships for Carcinogenic Potential, s. 1779
    Raghuraman Venkatapathy, Nina Ching Y. Wang, Todd M. Martin, Paul F. Harten and Douglas Young
  • Short-term Tests for the Determination of Genotoxic and Carcinogenic Potential of Xenobiotics, s. 1805
    Alok Dhawan
  • Biomarkers of Exposure to Carcinogens, s. 1841
    Paul T.J. Scheepers
  • Epigenetic Mechanisms and their Toxicological Significance, s. 1857
    Rebecca E. Watson
  • Reproductive Toxicology, s. 1873
    Norbert Makori, Satoru Oneda, Patricia R. McElhatton, Jennifer M. Ratcliffe and Frank Sullivan
  • Developmental Toxicology, s. 1909
    John M. DeSesso and Calvin C. Willhite
  • Developmental Neurotoxicity, s. 1953
    Susan L. Makris and Kathleen C. Raffaele
  • Developmental Immunotoxicology, s. 1977
    Rodney R. Dietert
  • Drug Toxicity in Neonates, Infants and Young Children, s. 1993
    Imti Choonara
  • Toxicology of the Placenta, s. 2003
    Ramesh C. Gupta
  • Susceptibility of Neonatal Rats to Xenobiotics, s. 2041
    Mutsuko Hirata-Koizumi, Ryuichi Hasegawa, Akihiko Hirose and Makoto Ema


  • Air Pollution, s. 2057
    Robert L. Maynard
  • Indoor Air Quality, s. 2101
    Rikke B. J0rgensen, Sten O. Hanssen, Jan V. Bakke and Ellen K. Jensen
  • Aquatic Toxicology: Concepts, Practice, New Directions, s. 2123
    Peter G. Wells
  • Environmental Endocrine Toxicology, s. 2157
    Poul Bjerregaard
  • Assessing Impacts of Environmental Contaminants on Wildlife, s. 2175
    Joseph P. Sullivan and Elwood F. Hill
  • Soil and Fresh Water, s. 2209
    Trond Peder Flaten and Eiliv Steinnes
  • Biological Criteria for Water Quality in Relation to Human Health, s. 2233
    Robert A. Howd
  • Interactions between Occupational and Environmental Factors in Toxicology,
    Hazard Evaluation and Risk Assessment, s. 2247
    James Gomes and B. Meek
  • Susceptibility of Children to Environmental Xenobiotics, s. 2265
    Alan D. Woolf and Megan Sandel
  • From Diet to Detox: Controversial Therapies in Autistic Spectrum Disorders, s. 2293
    Michael J. Fitzpatrick
  • Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Toxicological Questions and Mechanisms, s. 2303
    Martin L. Pall



  • Clinical Toxicology, s. 2355
    Alister Vale and Sally Bradberry
  • Occupational Toxicology, s. 2375
    Chuanfang Jin, Charles M. Werntz, III and Alan M. Ducatman
  • Occupational Toxicology and Occupational Hygiene within the European Union (EU) Chemicals Regulation, s. 2401
    Steven Fairhurst and Elanor Ball
  • Forensic Toxicology, s. 2421
    Erkki Vuori and Ilkka Ojanpera
  • Veterinary Toxicology, s. 2437
    Frederick W. Oehme and Wilson K. Rumbeiha
  • Essentials of Epidemiology for Toxicologists, s. 2461
    David Coggon
  • Aviation Toxicology, s. 2475
    Thomas C. Kupiec and Vishnu Raj
  • Space Toxicology: Toxicological Risk Management of Human Health during Space Exploration, s. 2493
    Noreen N. Khan-Mayberry and John T. James
  • The Toxicologist as Expert Witness, s. 2511
    Ira S. Richards and Marie M. Bourgeois


  • Regulatory Toxicology, s. 2527
    H. Paul A. Illing and Timothy C. Marrs
  • Basic Toxicological Issues in Product-Safety Evaluations, s. 2555
    David W. Hobson
  • Occupation, Toxic Exposures and Health Effects, s. 2583
    Hilton C. Lewinsohn
  • Combustion Toxicology and Implications for Adverse Human Health Effects, s. 2603
    Bryan Ballantyne
  • Biological Correlates of Low-Level Electromagnetic-Field Exposure, s. 2631
    Jitendra Behari
  • Risk Assessment of Chemicals, s. 2655
    Leah D. Stuchal and Stephen M. Roberts
  • Toxicogenomics in Risk Assessment, s. 2681
    Susan L. Makris and Susan Y. Euling
  • Dose-Response Analysis in Experimental Toxicology and Risk Assessment, s. 2703
    Robert G. Sussman, Edward V. Sargent and Todd L. Davidson
  • Hormesis and Risk Assessment, s. 2717
    Edward J. Calabrese and Paolo F. Ricci
  • Chemical Incidents—Emergency Planning, Preparedness, Response and Recovery. Community Considerations, s. 2725
    David Russell and John Simpson
  • Empirical Methods and Default Approaches in Consideration of Exposure Duration in Dose-Response Relationships, s. 2743
    George M. Woodall, Jeffrey S. Gift and Gary L. Foureman
  • Biomonitoring of the Workplace and Environment, s. 2759
    Peter J. Boogaard
  • The Role of Poison Centres in Basic and Clinical Toxicology, s. 2791
    Alan H. Hall and Chantal Bismuth


  • Education of the Toxicologist, s. 2803
    Robert Snyder and Jason R. Richardson
  • Ethical, Legal, Social and Professional Issues in Toxicology, s. 2815
    Steven G. Gilbert and David L. Eaton
  • Medicolegal and Ethical Issues in the Practice of Toxicology: A British Perspective, s. 2825
    Denis A. D'Auria
  • Ethical Issues Related to Animal Welfare Considerations in the Toxicology Laboratory, s. 2851
    Robert F. Phalen
  • Ethical Issues in Toxic Chemical Hazard Evaluation, Risk Assessment and Precautionary Communications, s. 2861
    Claude Viau


  • Toxicology of Chemical Warfare Agents, s. 2875
    Robert L. Maynard and Robert P. Chilcott
  • National and International Aspects on Bioterrorism and Biosecurity, s. 2913
    Philippe Bossi
  • Chemical Terrorism, s. 2923
    Bryan Ballantyne
  • Evaluating the Long-term Health Consequences of United States Combat Deployments: Toxicology and the Law, s. 2947
    Mark Brown and Kenneth Hyams
  • Biological Toxins in Warfare and Terrorism, s. 2963
    R. Gregory Evans
  • Radiation Terrorism, s. 2975
    Robin Beverly McFee
  • Depleted Uranium: Toxicology and Health Consequences, s. 3021
    Alexandra C. Miller
  • Toxicology and Disasters, s. 3043
    H. Paul A. Tiling
  • Long-term Adverse Health Consequences from Exposure to Products Generated from Major Disaster Sites, s. 3077
    Matthew P. Mauer



  • Toxicology of Food Additives, s. 3101
    Susan M. Barlow
  • Safety Assessment of Foods Obtained from Crops Developed Using Biotechnology, s. 3119
    Bryan Delaney
  • Biotechnology: Safety Assessment of Biotherapeutics and Agribiotechnology-Derived Foods, s. 3133
    John A. Thomas
  • Food Allergy and Intolerance, s. 3151
    Martinus L0vik
  • Toxicology of Pesticides, s. 3177
    Ian C. Dewhurst and Timothy C. Marrs
  • Toxicology of Biocides, s. 3207
    Bryan Ballantyne
  • Toxicological Considerations for Pharmaceutical Products, s. 3233
    Lynnda Reid
  • Toxicological Considerations in Relation to the Regulatory Safety Evaluation of Medical Devices, s. 3251
    Raju Kammula
  • Dermal Toxicology of Cosmetics and Body-Care Products, s. 3269
    David Basketter and Linda Lea
  • Organic Solvents , s. 3285
    Hakon L. Leira, Frode Fonnum and Tore Syversen
  • Toxicology and Biological Monitoring of Metals, s. 3309
    Monica Nordberg and Gunnar F. Nordberg
  • Toxicology of Substances that Affect Performance and Behaviour, s. 3355
    John P. Thompson
  • Drugs of Addiction in the Domestic, Occupational and Sports Environment, s. 3365
    Felix K. Adatsi
  • Nanotoxicology—The Toxicology of Nanomaterials, s. 3381
    Kristin Gellein and Tore Syversen
  • Radiation Toxicology, s. 3393
    Naomi H. Harley


  • Poisons of Animal Origin, s. 3407
    Gregory P. Wedin, Daniel E. Keyler and Elisabeth F. Bilden
  • Poisons of Plant Origin, s. 3449
    Deon van der Merwe
  • Mycotoxins with a Special Focus on Aflatoxins, Ochratoxins and Fumonisins, s. 3467
    Pieter S. Steyn, Wentzel C.A. Gelderblom, Gordon S. Shephard and Fanie R. van Heerden
  • Mycotoxins and Mycotoxicoses: Significance, Occurrence and Mitigation in the Food Chain, s. 3529
    Wayne L. Bryden
  • Botulism, s. 3555
    Davide Lonati, Ornella Rossetto, Lucia Fenicia and Carlo Locatelli
  • Ricin: Chemistry, Sources, Exposures, Toxicology and Medical Aspects, s. 3581
    J. Michael Lord and Gareth D. Griffiths

Index, s. 3597

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