Contents: Touch : Sensous Theory and Multisensory Media

Acknowledgments, s. vii
Introduction, s. ix

1. Video Haptics and Erotics, s. 1 / Videos by Sadie Benning, Seoungho Cho, Dave Ryan, Shani IVIootoo, Shauna Beharry, Ines Cardoso, and others

I. The Haptic Subject

2. Animal Appetites, Animal Identifications, s. 23 / Works by Ken Feingold, Michael Cho, Jon Choi, Fred

Wiseman, Mike MacDonald, Inuit Broadcasting Corporation, Zacharias Kunuk
3. "I Am Very Frightened by the Things I Film", s. 41 / Films by Hara Kazuo

II. Haptics and Erotics

4. Here's Gazing at You, s. 57 / Films by Ken Jacobs
5. Love the One You're With: Straight Women, Gay Porn, and the Scene of Erotic Looking, s. 73 / Works by Katherine Hurbis-Cherrier, Curt McDowell, Greta Snider, Karim Ai'nouz, Ming-Yuen S. Ma
6. Loving a Disappearing Image, s. 91 / Works by Phil Solomon, Peggy Ahwesh, Mike Hoolboom, Lawrence Brose, Steve Reinke

III. Olfactory Haptics

7. The Logic of Smell, s. 113
8. Institute Benjamenta: An Olfactory View, s. 127 / Films by the Brothers Quay
9. J's Smell Movie: A Shot List, s. 141

IV. Haptics and Electronics

10. Video's Body, Analog and Digital, s. 147 / Videos by Dorion Berg, Caspar Stracke, Steve Reinke, Kika Thome, Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby, Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay, Miranda July, Winston Xin, Anthony Discenza, Benton Bainbridge, and others
11. How Electrons Remember, s. 161
12. Immanence Online, s. 177 / Web works by Veronica Karlsson, Juliet Martin, David Crawford, Yael Kanarek, Netochka Nezvanova, John Hudak, Antoni Abad, Emmanuel Lamotte, Jennifer McCoy and Kevin McCoy, and others
13. Ten Years of Dreams about Art, s. 193
Notes, s. 217

Filmography and Videography (with Distributor Information), s. 241

Publication Information, s. 247
Index, s. 249


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