NUKAT - a union catalogue of Polish academic libraries

NUKAT is a union catalogue of Polish academic and research libraries. It is built by means of shared cataloguing, which means that each description of a document is built only once and stored in NUKAT database and downloaded to the local catalogues. There are over 900 librarians from 38 libraries contributing to NUKAT. NUKAT database contains bibliographic records and authority records. Apart from records are entered on a regular basis, NUKAT contains all bibliographic records from the former Union Catalogue of Serials and all authority records from the Union Authority File. The University of the University of Silesia has been cooperating with NUKAT from the very beginning, i.e. since 2002.
Before the creation of NUKAT, we cooperated with the Union Formats and Authority File. The cooperation commenced in 2001, and in the same year a copy of the Union Authority File was uploaded to our server so that it could be used by all Polish Prolib libraries.

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