Clearance slips


  • Upon leaving the University, students and employees are obliged to obtain a confirmation of having fulfilled their obligations at the Library. The confirmation is to be presented on their clearance slips and provided by the Lending Library (located in Katowice, at ul. Bankowa 14, room 404).
  • Upon submitting their clearance slips for confirmation, students are obliged to present their credit books.
  • Students who are registered with other libraries, which have confirmed the registration by stamping the phrase ‘books have been lent’ in their credit books, are obliged to receive a stamp ‘books have been returned’ in their credit books before they present their clearance slips to the Library of the University of Silesia.
  • After stamping of the clearance slip and settling accounts with the Library, the reader’s library card is invalidated, and the reader no longer has the right to access the library’s resources on the same rules as previously.

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