Rules governing access to electronic sources

There are several conditions related to the compliance with licences and copyright which are attached to use of databases and electronic magazines available in the University of Silesia computer network.

  1. The University Library signs separate licences for the use of databases, services and individual electronic magazines. These specify in detail who and to what extent is eligible to use the licensed goods.
  2. The licensed goods may only be accessed by researchers, PhD. students, students and other full-time and adjunct employees of the University of Silesia. The collections can be made available to public users who are using the libraries comprising the University network.
  3. Authorised users are entitled to access electronic sources for their own educational, didactic and research purposes. They may also print and copy articles, records or fragments thereof to  a limited extent. The material obtained can be used to prepare reports, notes and didactic materials, provided that the source of each document will be specified.
  4. It is forbidden to make multiple copies of electronic sources, to copy them regularly, create local archives, use software such as ‘spider’, ‘web-crawling’ and others which browse the web in a methodical, automated manner.
  5. Unabridged licences to access databases and electronic magazines are stored in the Department for Provision of Collections and Scientific Information of the University Library, and are also available on the database  and e-magazine websites (in section ‘Terms and Conditions’). The use of databases and electronic magazines is monitored in automatically monitored on servers which make a given material available. Each violation of the licence conditions results in denied access to the material in question.

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