Rules governing the use of computer

The rules governing the use of computers are specified in Point 7 of the Rules governing the process of making collections available in the library and IT system of the University of Silesia in Katowice:

  • Computer stations in the University Library have been prepared in order to make available sources of information essential to studies and research, and in particular to use library catalogues, databases distributed in the University network, scientific electronic magazines and Internet science services.
  • The users are obliged to use the computers as intended, i.e. for studying, research and other educational purposes. Restrictions concerning the use of the computers have been set out in internal regulations specified in § 1 point 3 of the said Rules.
  • Computers available in the libraries of the University of Silesia can be used in the first place by students, PhD. students and employees of the University.
  • The librarian who is on duty at a given time offers help in using the databases and electronic magazines, but is not obliged to provide assistance in using other software and applications.
  • Shall the user leave the computer station without notifying the librarian who is on duty about that, the computer station may be made available to another user without saving the previously browsed data.
  • The materials searched out may be printed, saved on an electronic data carrier, provided that the user complies with provisions of the copyright law and the licence of a given database or magazine. The printouts and storing on data carriers are subject to fees specified in § 3 point 2 of the said Rules.
  • The access time is not limited, however in well-justified cases the librarian may ask the user to finish his work earlier.
  • You can book a computer station in person or by calling the librarian on duty.
  • The librarian on duty must be promptly notified of any and all errors or irregularities in the work of the computers.
  • Specially accommodated computer stations are made available to the blind and visually impaired on the basis of an authorization issued by the University’s Consultant for the Disabled.
  • Computer stations are subject to surveillance. Shall the librarian on duty or the webmaster notice that the user is violating the rules, he has the right to end his session at once.
  • The user is obliged to finish his session before the library (reading room) closes.
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