Location of computers

All computers have installed Microsoft Office 2003 and they are prepared to the work with the Internet

Location of computers:

  • Information Centre, rooms 412 and 413 on the ground-floor, Bankowa 14 St.
  • General Reading Room and Journals Reading Room, rooms 436 and 437 on the 2nd floor, Bankowa 14 St.
  • Special Collections Room, room 438 on the 2nd floor, Bankowa 14 St. 
  • Mathematics Reading Room, room 431 on the 2nd floor, Bankowa 14 St. 
  • Chemistry Reading Room, room 433 on the 2nd floor, ankowa 14 St. 
  • Goethe Institut Library, room 511 on the ground-floor, Bankowa 14 St. 
  • British Library, Sejmu Śląskiego 1 Sq.



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