On 25 June we are commencing the move to the new building of the Library and we will stop making sets available in the current office at the Bankowa 14.

We will resume lending in autumn in the new building The Scientific Information Centre and Academic Library. We apologise for impediments. We ask for getting acquainted with information about additional facilitations for readers:

  • raising a limit of lending to 20 books for students and doctoral students

  • Spot of the Service of Readers - on 25 June we will established a place in Lending Room at Bankowa 14, in which librarians will be accepting returns of books and to certify clearance slips. It will be possible also to register the OneLog account with this place and to get back books ordered earlier by the Interlibrary Lending.

    • Opening hours of the Spot: Monday 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM, Tuesday-Friday 8.30 AM do 3.00 PM

  • possible to access the majority of electronic services of the University Library from one platform


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