Study on AAA (authentication, authorization and accounting) Platforms For Scientific data/information Resources in Europe


Survey executed by TERENA (Trans European Research and Education Networking Association), LIBER (Association of European Research Libraries), Universiteit van Amsterdam and University and National Library of Debrecen

The goal of this study is to provide recommendations for the development and deployment of a Scientific Data e-Infrastructure (SDI) that would enable access to heterogonous data for researchers and citizens alike. The SDI should be delivered integrating as much as possible existing AAA platforms (such as those used by the research and education community, or those used by the eScience community).

The results of the study in the forms of technical and policy recommendations will be used in developing a strategy, in particular, for Scientific Data Infrastructures in Europe that will support science by providing access to quality services for researchers, funding agencies and for the public at large.


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